Today’s Sparkle Video is such a treat in that “Klaus Nomi meets George Michael” kind of way.  The first look at Ivan Cattaneo, with his reflective mirror outfit, bizarro goggles and snazzy gold metallic boots screams “I’m totally New Wave!”.   Instead he rolls out “Polisex”, a smooth groove backed by the sultry sound of the saxophone while he performs some fabulously dramatic dance moves.  GOTCHA!  Now, about the group:  I don’t believe this is an actual band, but his “Besties” who like to rock an outfit, but who better to bring on television with you?  Especially when you’ve got people like the silver keyboard player and the soldier guy playing the high-hat who are totally feeling it (freeze the frame at 0:35.. it’s magical!).  The 80’s truly was a time when people strove to look unique and they do it smashingly.  In fact, the whole thing is so mesmerizing, it’s almost too much!  Almost.