It’s Sparkle Video day once again and today’s clip has me swimming in sparkle covered nostalgia.  I’m a fan of Shalamar everything as they take me instantly back to my youth but this song in particular has always been my favorite.  Perhaps “Second Time Around” is so special because it’s got the catchiest of melodies alongside the sweetest message to stop holding back and just give love another try.   Also, there’s no denying its fabulous “sing-a long factor” as my neighbors can surely attest to.  Then you take all of these musical facts and add the visuals of Shalamar (featuring the gorgeous Jody Watley) covered in mirror tiles and sequins accentuated by glorious star filters.  The whole presentation is so blindingly spectacular and the most perfect way to start a dazzling friday!


For the first Sparkle Video since my return to NYC I wanted something that really starts out with a bang and this clip from The Ohio Players certainly does.   What more fabulous an entrance can you have then this one filled with gobs of disco smoke accented by spinning sirens?   This intro to “Fire” screams “get up and dance” and in fact, this might be one of the few clips where the Midnight Special audience actually does get out of their seats and dance.  It’s a bedazzled funk explosion that’s unstoppable and just gets more and more dazzling when the singer in the sunglasses and dandy scarf gets down with his bad self while flame graphics shoot up around him and then KABLAM!  Pop n’ Lock!  I must say that as a devoted Midnight Special fan, this is truly one of the most epic performances to ever grace that legendary stage and has me chanting “O-H-I-O .. O-H-I-O!”.


Have I mentioned I was in the KC & The Sunshine Band Fan Club as a child?  I’m sure I have and today’s Sparkle Video is a perfect example why.  First I have to mention the Donny & Marie Show because I love everything about it: the 70’s “light up” set design, the sparkling glamor of the siblings and an extra special HOLLA for Marie’s super chic short hair!  However, that’s nothing compared to the sparkle onslaught behind the curtain.  Harry Wayne Casey and his band are a bedazzled force to be reckoned with as they move and shake all over that stage asking “Do You Feel Alright?”.  One thing’s for sure, and that’s that they totally feel alright because each and every one of them is dazzling in their famous colorful rhinestone outfits.  They even brought along two lovely ladies dressed in the height of disco fashion just to drive their message of fabulosity home.  Message received KC!  Message received!


Today’s Sparkle Video is such a treat in that “Klaus Nomi meets George Michael” kind of way.  The first look at Ivan Cattaneo, with his reflective mirror outfit, bizarro goggles and snazzy gold metallic boots screams “I’m totally New Wave!”.   Instead he rolls out “Polisex”, a smooth groove backed by the sultry sound of the saxophone while he performs some fabulously dramatic dance moves.  GOTCHA!  Now, about the group:  I don’t believe this is an actual band, but his “Besties” who like to rock an outfit, but who better to bring on television with you?  Especially when you’ve got people like the silver keyboard player and the soldier guy playing the high-hat who are totally feeling it (freeze the frame at 0:35.. it’s magical!).  The 80’s truly was a time when people strove to look unique and they do it smashingly.  In fact, the whole thing is so mesmerizing, it’s almost too much!  Almost.



Today’s Sparkle Video is from one of our favorite TV shows, Musikladen, however this clip is from 1983 when they clearly had a lot more money to spend on production.  Sure, it’s only a theory, but I think it’s supported by the inclusion of a slick, snazzy and sparkly show open and a full-on neon light-up stage (as compared to the old tinsel and foil backdrops sometimes used in the 70’s).  However, the most obvious kick in the budget surely went to the slew of ladies dressed in “dancing school fabulous” hired to shimmy and shake along to the performing guests who, right now, happens to be Trax.   I think it’s totally appropriate that a man singing “Get ready ‘cuz here I come..” should make use of a dazzling sequin lightning bolt that leads straight down to a spectacularly large codpiece, in a “driving the statement home” kind of way.  The drummer also knows his way around an outfit, as he made a fabulous choice in wearing his spaced-out best.  I guess the other two guys didn’t get the sparkle memo, but it’s okay because the hotties dancing around them kind of steal the show anyway.  Especially the girl in the super hero number who remembered to include the most important fashion accessory of all time- Space Cuffs (get some!).



It’s been a while since we had some Rock n’ Roll on Sparkle Video Day and there’s no more glamorous, rockingess, sparkle-tastic one than The Gossips’s “Heavy Cross”.  First and foremost: OUTFIT!  Holla Beth Ditto!   This is a girl after my own heart and the personification of “More is More”.  Hair, makeup, nails, jewels- she is completely covered in fabulosity.  Even in her more casual look she makes sure to wear a sparkling black “T”, post-punk eye makeup and dramatic red lips.  As for the music, it’s right on point with how I like my rock which is hard hitting with lots of rhythm for dancing and this song rages with the passion in her voice.  I’d also like to give special sparkle kudos to the director for adding the flowing glitter effect that encompasses everything (exactly what glitter is meant to do!) and for lighting it all with star filters because just like me, that never gets old.



There’s only one word for today’s sparkle video and that’s MEOW!  Maybe my love for cats has me completely biased, but there’s no denying Arabesque’s dazzling feline power is taking full charge of the stage in sparkling leopard print outfits and supremely styled disco hair.   They’ve also added the only choice in accessories for this number: superhero belts and strappy metallic heels, which gives them the “purr”fect sultry edge for their prowl-like dancing as they sing “We’re the kitty cats, kitty cats, kitty cats… Don’t try to hide cause we can see by night”.  Truly the most adorable words ever sung by three sex kittens lit gloriously by star filters!



Today’s Sparkle Video begins with a fabulous bracelet entrance by the lovely Taffy who smartly points out her dazzling gems right away and then KABLAM!  She follows it up with a whole body of pizzazz starting from her geometric pompadour styled hair and goes all the way down her slinky sequined tigress dress which is accented by a glittering celestial applique that twinkles magically from glorious star filters.  Also, at the bottom of the screen it says she’s an Aquarius which means her birthday is somewhere around now and what a coincidence!  It’s also Dave Danger’s birthday this weekend and to whom this video is dedicated.  Happy Birthday Soldiers!



Today’s Sparkle Video had me from the moment the boot shaped mirror ball hit me with a dazzling sparkle onslaught.  I love that People Under The Stairs chose to style “Trippin’ At The Disco” after our beloved vintage music shows and they definitely hit upon the most important elements.  Flashing lights, smoke machine and star filters are all included here and there’s even some old school rolling video effects for just the right touch of camp.  It’s obvious the boys are feeling the fabulosity of the era and even though they’re having a laugh overall, what’s no joke is their silky rap stylings layed over a classic disco beat.

On a more serious note, I know I touched upon this topic last week, but pay special attention to Thes One’s lyrics about seeing a hipster at the disco who is too cool to have fun.  “With his can’t dance pants and a can’t dance beard” and that he may have grown up in a “can’t dance house with a can’t dance mom”.   A “Can’t Dance Mom”?   Soldiers, if you are going to take on the responsibility of raising another human being that the rest of us have to deal with, bring your children up to value what’s important.  First and foremost: when you are on a dance floor…DANCE!


I know, I know.  I have not been keeping up on my duties to write about all things sparkly since I got back from Berlin, but in my defense, I’ve returned to NYC at the height of holiday party season.   Too many parties keeping Da General busy at night and my days are being spent shopping for sparkly things to wear.  So not that much has changed really, I just need to work on my time management so that it includes champagne hangovers.  However, the one thing you can always count on Soldiers, no matter what, is Sparkle Video Day.

That’s right!  I have not missed a Sparkle Video Day since I started this campaign of fabulosity and I am committed to making sure your Fridays are filled with glittering inspiration.  That said- I must confess I am growing increasingly annoyed with the corporatization of youtube.  When it’s not shoving some company paid promotion or commercial down your throat, it’s taking down amazing and rare vintage disco clips.  So today, I am pulling from vimeo and what a glorious gem I have found for you!

Today’s Sparkle Video features two of my all time favorite things, Sylvester and Roller DiscoSylvester is one of my heroes for many reasons, but mostly because we share the exact same view of fashion and also because he was truly blessed with the ability to turn anything into “an outfit”.  Here, he’s wearing a clearly customized purple bedazzled top paired with some sort of uniform pants, but it works.. it works Soldiers, because he oozes fabulosity!  I’m also totally feeling Martha Wash’s asymmetrical blue satin caftan that encompasses one leg in a clever harem explosion.  Sprinkle in some hotties on skates and gobs of flashing lights accentuated by glorious star filters and there you have it- PERFECTION.