Today’s Sparkle Video had me from the moment the boot shaped mirror ball hit me with a dazzling sparkle onslaught.  I love that People Under The Stairs chose to style “Trippin’ At The Disco” after our beloved vintage music shows and they definitely hit upon the most important elements.  Flashing lights, smoke machine and star filters are all included here and there’s even some old school rolling video effects for just the right touch of camp.  It’s obvious the boys are feeling the fabulosity of the era and even though they’re having a laugh overall, what’s no joke is their silky rap stylings layed over a classic disco beat.

On a more serious note, I know I touched upon this topic last week, but pay special attention to Thes One’s lyrics about seeing a hipster at the disco who is too cool to have fun.  “With his can’t dance pants and a can’t dance beard” and that he may have grown up in a “can’t dance house with a can’t dance mom”.   A “Can’t Dance Mom”?   Soldiers, if you are going to take on the responsibility of raising another human being that the rest of us have to deal with, bring your children up to value what’s important.  First and foremost: when you are on a dance floor…DANCE!