Today’s Sparkle Video is truly epic and not because of the star.  While Linda Clifford looks gorgeous in her flowing kimono style dress, fabulous hair and makeup as she’s belting out her classic, “If My Friends Could See Me Now”–  something else is a-brewing.  Yes Soldiers, something else.  Besides all those required elements of dazzle that we love like flashing lights and laser beams, there’s a Disco Spaceman in the background!  Sparklingly mirror-tiled from head-to-toe, he steals the show and at 1:03, he goes for it.  He’s hip-thrusting like a madman behind Linda to the point that she almost disappears, but she doesn’t and I want to scream, “Linda, move out of the way!”  And she knows it too and towards the end, the camera pulls in closer while they dance it out for total screen domination.

Mirrorman of L.A.: APPROVED!

photo credit: silver sky


According to his website, artist Gustav Troger aka Mirrorman, is a living sculpture and who’s mission is for “people to question reality by looking at him and seeing themselves instead”. His amazing suit is made from hundreds of mirror pieces that are attached in layers instead of glued flatly down on the fabric. This allows for greater flexibility in movement and a smashing “theme track” when he walks.  He’s also created a dazzling Mirrorcar with the same geometric-style cuts of glass, which must be quite a spectacular sight when he’s driving it!  I think what I love most about his suit is that it’s the closest any human has ever come to achieving “invisibility” and for that- he is APPROVED!

Now all he needs is some lasers!




I vowed to never post a video from YouTube’s Vevo because they can’t be viewed in some areas around the world.  That’s something I find totally unacceptable as our Soldiers are global and intergalactic.  However, one look at this video from Diamond Rings and I melted like glitter covered butter!  How could I resist the charms of this tall, blonde mysterious man who proudly wears space outfits, lives among gobs of smoke, wears glasses tiled with broken mirrors and taunts me with eons of laser beams?  Top top it off, any song called “I’m Just Me” that espouses a “no excuse/no apologies” attitude about being who you are will always become my new favorite instantly.



It’s very important to acknowledge the people who made being fabulous part of every day life and today’s Sparkle Video features such a man.  A man who bucked the trends of his genre and truly lived, breathed, performed and dressed “More is More”.  This footage shows Little Richard singing “Good Golly Miss Molly” wearing one of his dazzling mirror-tiled ensembles (and I say “one of”‘ because it’s certainly not his only one).  We can also bask in adoration of his raven colored pompadour, dark eyeliner and trademark thin mustache that became his trademark look.  I’m not sure, but I think this is from around 1973, a few years before disco fashion came to be, but surely Little Richard and his glittering style must have had influence on dance floors everywhere.  It’s no wonder we love both kinds of music!


It’s Sparkle Video day once again and today’s clip has me swimming in sparkle covered nostalgia.  I’m a fan of Shalamar everything as they take me instantly back to my youth but this song in particular has always been my favorite.  Perhaps “Second Time Around” is so special because it’s got the catchiest of melodies alongside the sweetest message to stop holding back and just give love another try.   Also, there’s no denying its fabulous “sing-a long factor” as my neighbors can surely attest to.  Then you take all of these musical facts and add the visuals of Shalamar (featuring the gorgeous Jody Watley) covered in mirror tiles and sequins accentuated by glorious star filters.  The whole presentation is so blindingly spectacular and the most perfect way to start a dazzling friday!

Disco Palace: APPROVED!

This photo was found on the world wide web by NYC legend Mother Krunk, who knows full well that mirror-tiled anything must be immediately reported to Da General.  This is a fantasy I like to call the Disco Palace because it sparkles in such a blinding way, it’d be dangerous if it wasn’t so darn fabulous!  It’s got everything: a disco unicorn, a sequined princess, I want to live there forever and it’s APPROVED!


Today’s Sparkle Video is such a treat in that “Klaus Nomi meets George Michael” kind of way.  The first look at Ivan Cattaneo, with his reflective mirror outfit, bizarro goggles and snazzy gold metallic boots screams “I’m totally New Wave!”.   Instead he rolls out “Polisex”, a smooth groove backed by the sultry sound of the saxophone while he performs some fabulously dramatic dance moves.  GOTCHA!  Now, about the group:  I don’t believe this is an actual band, but his “Besties” who like to rock an outfit, but who better to bring on television with you?  Especially when you’ve got people like the silver keyboard player and the soldier guy playing the high-hat who are totally feeling it (freeze the frame at 0:35.. it’s magical!).  The 80’s truly was a time when people strove to look unique and they do it smashingly.  In fact, the whole thing is so mesmerizing, it’s almost too much!  Almost.



Today’s Sparkle Video had me from the moment the boot shaped mirror ball hit me with a dazzling sparkle onslaught.  I love that People Under The Stairs chose to style “Trippin’ At The Disco” after our beloved vintage music shows and they definitely hit upon the most important elements.  Flashing lights, smoke machine and star filters are all included here and there’s even some old school rolling video effects for just the right touch of camp.  It’s obvious the boys are feeling the fabulosity of the era and even though they’re having a laugh overall, what’s no joke is their silky rap stylings layed over a classic disco beat.

On a more serious note, I know I touched upon this topic last week, but pay special attention to Thes One’s lyrics about seeing a hipster at the disco who is too cool to have fun.  “With his can’t dance pants and a can’t dance beard” and that he may have grown up in a “can’t dance house with a can’t dance mom”.   A “Can’t Dance Mom”?   Soldiers, if you are going to take on the responsibility of raising another human being that the rest of us have to deal with, bring your children up to value what’s important.  First and foremost: when you are on a dance floor…DANCE!


Wow! Being up in the mountains and dealing with high altitudes almost made me forget what day it is but honestly, that could never really happen Soldiers! Especially because there’s just one word for today’s Sparkle Video and that is: irresistable. Shalamar’s song “Second Time Around” is almost a little too sweet, but with it’s silky danceable groove it’s hard not to fall hopelessly in love with him.. I mean it.  Now let’s talk outfits. HOLLA mirror- tile rhinestone combo!  There are so many magical flashes jumping out at us thanks to this dazzling choice and those glorious star filters that one could almost go blind.  “More is More ” is definitely in place, but just to really drive it home they added glitterized hair – a move that always screams BRAVO!

Disco Ball Car: APPROVED!

Just look at what’s going on in that parking garage!  All that’s needed is some thumping music, dazzling soldiers, gobs of smoke and laser beams and you’ve got a Sparkle Army party! Sure, I’m still holding out for the DeLorean version, but in the meantime this Smart Car will do because it is 100% Disco-fied and it’s APPROVED!

FACT: This baby was actually made as a prop for the band Apparatjik to be used in a film called Pixel City, but you can also see it in full electric action in this fabulous cross promotional piece for the Smart Car.