Front Cover Eye Kits

I was walking through my local drugstore, searching for something totally unrelated to sparkling (it happens) and KABLAM!  I was dazzled by these amazing kits by Front Cover, complete with everything you need for colorful, dramatic and glitterized eyes.  What’s even better is that whoever designed these lovely bundles of joy had the fabulous sense to put them in adorable cases decorated with photos of said sparkle eyes as well as other options with sequins.  My photos don’t do them justice (cameraphone), so do yourself a favor check out their website... it’s SPARKLE-TASTIC!


It’s a wonder that I’ve not featured KC & The Sunshine Band before, considering my card carrying membership to the fan club when I was a just a tot.  It’s true!  Every month I received color glossy photos of my one true love, Harry Wayne Casey and band members, decked out in their sparkling best and also got autographed cards at holiday time, but I digress.

Today’s Sparkle Video is a classic among classics because once that first keyboard note hits, your mind goes into party mode, your feet follow suit and then all you can do is “Shake Your Booty”!  Just look at KC’s smile- he knows he’s wearing the most supreme sparkle outfit ever: brightly colored, slightly cowboy and seriously bedazzled. In fact, the whole band is looking top notch and might I say the ladies are H-O-T especially the one in the blue giving the disco superhero look … FAB-U-LOUS!


Space Dance

This has got to be the most fabulous album cover of all time.  For this 1978 release,  Motown Sounds went with the most dazzling concept that could soon be a reality, that is, if we demand it.  After all, NASA is already working on Space Beer for space travel, so wouldn’t the most logical means of getting to that party be this glorious transparent vessel complete with light-up dance floor and gobs of dancing partygoers?  Although, it’s hard to tell from this illustration where the bar is, but I can assure you it’s there because this album is delightfully sparkly and filled with my favorite kind of disco.  You know, the orchestrated strings and percussion arrangements layed over a classic disco beat that I simply gag over kind- just perfect for a trip through the universe!  Oh.. and if you’re worried about what to say to any loved ones you might be leaving behind on this journey, just take a line from one of the tracks on this album:

“It’s not that I don’t love you, it’s not that I don’t care.. it’s just that you don’t like to party like I do babe”

….aww yeah.


Today’s Sparkle Video is O.T.T. on all levels, including the homemade intro and outro which, normally I despise in youtube videos, but in this case adds the most dazzling dramatic anticipation of what’s to come next (kudos FrankJimmy!). And what does come next is Raffealla Carra shante-ing through a mound of smoke followed by her clan of male dancers in outfits that can only be described as Hot Porn Cops of the Future. Can someone bring ’round the DeLorean ’cause I’m getting in!  Truly, Raffaella is a woman after my own heart because our demands for a good time are exactly the same: disco smoke, men in hot pants and gobs of spandex and sequins.  However, what really makes her my new and everlasting queen is that not only does she work The Fabulous Entrance angle, but she takes it even further by giving you The Fabulous Exit and there is only one word for that… KABLAM!


London Space Children

All Soldiers anywhere near London on Saturday should be attending “Space Children: From Dr. Funkenstein to the ArcAndroid” at the British Library. Part of this multimedia event features superstars George Clinton and Nona Hendryx who will discuss the dazzling science fiction inspired live shows of Parliament and Labelle which, among wonderous stage sets and lighting, included costumes by Sparkle Army Hero, Larry LeGaspi. I’m overcome with sparkle excitement that the subject of Mr. LeGaspi will be part of the lecture, but at the same time my heart breaks that I won’t be there (bloody private jet!), but I’m happy to know my London Soldiers will report back with all the glittering details.

There are so many other sparkling elements to this presentation, it is not to be missed, but I do hope you have a ticket already because it’s SOLD OUT and you know what that means- you might have to resort to your “old school groupie ways” of getting in!

For more information go to:

(image of ad copy from British Library: What’s On)


Today’s Sparkle Video has me calling my personal outfit maker and telling him to stop the sewing machines because we are totally changing directions to this fabulous number modeled by Imagination’s lead singer.  Perhaps it’s the build up from the smoke filled stairway dance coupled with the dramatic cape swirling, but when that moment comes, and it does – KABLAM!   “Dancing school fabulous meets outer space” has never looked better than this fully sequined asymmetrical onesie topped off with matching hood and space cuffs.  Just look at how it sparkles like magic from disco heaven.. I just gotta have it!  Oh, and I like this song too.

Happy Anniversary Soldiers!

Exactly one year ago today, this blog was launched to celebrate all things fabulous, spread the Word of Glitter to all humanity and also to indulge my glittering narcissism and need to reach out to others like myself.  This charming invention called “blogging” has given me the proof positive of what I’ve always known- that there are more of us than them. That’s right Soldiers, you are strong in numbers and you come from all over the universe. You love dazzling on the dance floor, drinking sparkly cocktails and glimmering under disco balls and laser beams while dripping in sequins. You also Google a lot of interesting things to get here and since today is the first anniversary of Join the Sparkle Army, I thought it would be gobs of fun to share some of them with you:

  • “drink sparkles”
  • “ridiculous cocktails”
  • “sparkly eye makeup”
  • “sparkle catsuits”
  • “history of disco fashion”
  • “disco fashion for men”
  • “bedazzled army outfit”
  • “sassy sparkle fashion”
  • “double dazzle dance”
  • “disco smoke in a can”
  • “instruments in disco heaven”
  • “disco ball superhero”
  • “disco colouring book” (HOLLA!)
  • “space cuffs” (HOLLA AGAIN!)
  • “how to make space cuffs” (THREE TIMES!)
  • “sparkle soldiers” (THASIT!)
  • “awesome sexy sparkly party outfit”
  • “futuristic fashion party”
  • “german sparkle party”
  • “glitter outfits”
  • “glitter microphones”
  • “how much is a glitter microphone”
  • “glitter on my moose knuckle”
  • “space sluts”
  • “sluts in space”
  • “disco slut clips”
  • “space sluts porn”
  • “spandex writhing”
  • “disco porn”
  • “sparkling bathroom porn”
  • “rock n’ roll sluts music video”
  • “musikladen tits out”
  • “susanne somers naked”
  • “italo sluts”
  • “old bound sluts in high heels”
  • and last but not least, my personal favorite: “who is Marisa Sparkles?”   KABLAM!


    “Mindwarp” is the only word I can use to describe the experience of going to my local Post Office, the most dysfunctional and unorganized in the land.  However, nothing can stop me from shipping dazzling care packages of glitter and sparkly lipgloss to those in need.  My secret weapon?  Patrick Cowley– his sextastic dance tracks always get me through my mission and my iPod is locked, loaded and ready for action!



    Today’s Sparkle Video is what’s called “the motherload”.  Let’s face it, The Creatures are a fabulous bunch of Spaced Out Sparkle Sluts that like to sing and dance all over that floor filled with flashing lights, disco smoke and laser beams.  Seriously, have you ever seen so much sequined spandex in your life outside of a Sparkle Army party?  Their message that believing in yourself means looking disco-tastic 24/7 as well as moving your body in a sassy manner whenever you feel like it is a mission I support 100%.  Hey wait…..  that’s our mission!


    Portable Party Kit

    Have you ever had the experience of being somewhere and all of the sudden some great music comes on and you start to dance but alas, something is missing?  That’s right- there’s no disco ball in sight!  I can tell you it’s happened one too many times for my liking so you can image my delight at finding this portable mirror ball set from  The lighting is sold separately, but I’m thinking that bringing along some hand held lasers, Disco Smoke in a Can and an extra large pot of glitter would create a fabulously unstoppable mobile party! It’s especially important to be prepared now that we’ve moved into summer when parties materialize at a moments notice. That’s why I’m putting together my portable party kit right away because I don’t want to be caught off guard when a disco emergency happens and, trust me Soldiers, it will.