This has got to be the most fabulous album cover of all time.  For this 1978 release,  Motown Sounds went with the most dazzling concept that could soon be a reality, that is, if we demand it.  After all, NASA is already working on Space Beer for space travel, so wouldn’t the most logical means of getting to that party be this glorious transparent vessel complete with light-up dance floor and gobs of dancing partygoers?  Although, it’s hard to tell from this illustration where the bar is, but I can assure you it’s there because this album is delightfully sparkly and filled with my favorite kind of disco.  You know, the orchestrated strings and percussion arrangements layed over a classic disco beat that I simply gag over kind- just perfect for a trip through the universe!  Oh.. and if you’re worried about what to say to any loved ones you might be leaving behind on this journey, just take a line from one of the tracks on this album:

“It’s not that I don’t love you, it’s not that I don’t care.. it’s just that you don’t like to party like I do babe”

….aww yeah.