Today’s Sparkle Video features a luxuriously dazzling Patti Brooks performing of her disco classic,  “After Dark”,  which all of you good Solders will recognize from the “Thank God It’s Friday” soundtrack.  The fabulous combination of her leg-revealing sequin dress and showgirl-style feather fan take this number to a whole ‘ nother level of sparkling sophistication which is being thoroughly enjoyed by the crowd dancing on a uniquely digital looking light-up dance floor.  This version is very short and makes me feel somewhat cheated, however since it ends it after the fabulous “dip” with her silky male dancer, I think I can get over it.


Today’s Sparkle Video is all about cotton candy and sweet dreams.   Not literally, but I can’t help but think of those things every time I see Olivia Newton John and her flawless beauty and fabulous hair.  Everything about her has always been perfection and seeing her in this pink sparkle number complete with spandex disco pants makes me swoon.  Then top it off with backup singers in sequin tube tops and even more spandex, and it’s just off the darn charts!   The truly best part is that this dazzling clip of  “A Little More Love”  is not only a glittering way to start the weekend, but an especially great way to cure a hangover.   I don’t know about you Soldiers, but I’m feeling better already!



Today’s Sparkle Video is true perfection because not only does it feature our beloved queen, Donna Summer, but it also has a fabulous intro about the positive effects that going to the disco can have in one’s life.  This should be shown in schools all over the world so that future generations will understand the importance of flashing lights, disco balls and laser beams-  plus I’m sure it’s what Donna would’ve wanted.   I’m also sure that if we could speak to Donna now, she would say that her one regret in life was not wearing enough sparkle outfits, as many of her performance clips are “sans sequins” like this one.  However, that never stopped her from shining bright like a glittering diamond!   I can’t believe it’s been a whole year since her passing, and I don’t think it gets any easier to believe she’s gone, but thankfully we have these videos to enjoy and celebrate her eternal beauty and also to remind us that we are not Donna Summer, and therefore, sparkling is required at all times – especially on the dance floor.



Today’s clip features a group that is our first inductee into The Sparkle Video Hall Of Fame Boney M has graced our Fridays several times over the years, and will continue to do so with their never ending supply of musical classics and wardrobe filled with infinite disco fashion– and this particular version of “Rasputin” is all about the FASHION!  Everyone in the group looks dazzling wearing a gorgeous shade of purple, the color of royalty, accented by thousands of sparkling sequins.  It’s like a runway show featuring nothing but the most supreme disco fashion with swingy “dance floor” fabrics, asymmetrical shoulders and my personal favorite, the dramatic “bat wing” effect.   All of this glamour on one stage is further dramatized by the background of a majestic staircase and a stage filled the gobs of smoke.  HELLO.


It’s International Women’s Day, but more important- it’s Sparkle Video Day and that’s why today’s clip is the embodiment of this spectacular combo.  Let’s celebrate our accomplishments as the fairer sex while we watch the stunning Madleen Kane slink around the stage in a full length red sequin backless gown and modeling her “supreme tribute to hot rollers” hair.  Plus- she’s singing about every girl’s best friend: Diamonds!  She’s the personification of disco fabulous from head to toe and that includes her perfect makeup and glossy red lips.  If could look like this for one day, I’d wish for more days so I could look like this always.




Today’s Sparkle Video is a supreme gift of happiness from the very first sight of it. I think hamsters as pets being all the rage around this time in history may have been the inspiration for this human-sized habitrail, and in turn, I think this video probably inspired what we know now as “ball-pit” jungle gyms for children.  I mean, who doesn’t want to go swirl around in that magical tunnel of brightly colored orbs?  And let’s face it, you put the ladies of Abba in mini dresses embellished with sequins in front of anything and it all seems to make sense somehow, doesn’t it?

Thank God It’s Friday

No- it’s not Friday because everyone knows Friday is Sparkle Video Day!  Today’s post is about last weekend, which I spent at my good friend R. Wayne’s exclusive and rustic summer house in the country.  It’s so nice to leave the cell phones and internet behind and get away to enjoy nature and all that other natural stuff that goes along with it.  However, there’s one thing I refuse to give up no matter where I am and that’s a dance party complete with disco balls and gobs of glitter.  The best part is that these dance parties are old school which means vinyl only, as nothing sounds as great as good old fashioned records.

Back to the point anyway.. last weekend I discovered a treasure among treasures in the record bin- the “Thank God It’s Friday” soundtrack!  I already have the movie in my DVD collection, but seeing and touching this piece of history was like discovering the holy grail.  This album is the perfect example of why vinyl was, and still is, so much better.  First, there’s the album art which includes inner sleeve covers for each of the three discs (2 plus 1 bonus disc!), all covered with various disco-tastic images from the movie.   Then, as a favor to all the DJ’s out there, the BPM for each track is noted for seamless mixing.  This album has so many classics on it such as the self titled theme song by Love and Kisses, Patti Brooks’ legendary “After Dark” and “Last Dance” from our queen, Donna Summer.   However, my new obsession is Sunshine‘s “Take It To The Zoo” , which is one sexified, hypnotic track, especially when they sing, “It’s fridaaay night.. thank GAaawwd”.

Lastly, the best and most dazzling thing about record albums is the additional stuff they used to put inside them and this one had a fabulous but forgotten gem- an order form for official TGIF merchandise!  It’s been laying inside the album since 1978-  a little sparkling time capsule just waiting for Da General to find it, break it free and let if be loved all over again.  Sometimes, I just look at it and touch it.  Other times I go full-blown fantasy and contemplate if I want to order the gold necklace or the satin jack.  Maybe even throw in some disco wrist bands.  Then again, for these prices, I could buy it all and why not?  After all…  More is More!


Every time I see a Boney M video I think to myself, “This one is the video!”, but then I find another one that completely dazzles my mind.  Such is the case with today’s Sparkle Video (once you get past the lengthy introduction from the Italian host) because seriously, this clip is truly THE VIDEOBobby Farrell‘s superhero outfit complete with Boney M sequined cape is out of this world and emphasizes his dance moves in the best way possible.  The three ladies look straight out of Buck Rogers or Flash Gordon with a dash of dancing school fabulous thrown in and have never looked spacier or sexier!.  Now I’m not sure why they chose spaced-out-sparkle outfits and galactic backgrounds to perform “Rapustin”,  but I’m also not caring much because once again, “KABLAM!” has been achieved.


Disco Commercials: 7-Up

This spot for 7-Up proudly proclaims “I’d Do it!”- which I’m guessing means they’d drink the soda, but it is a disco commercial after all so you never know.  Just look at that scene of snazzy dancers twirling and grooving on the light up dance floor – it’s like a sneak peak into disco heaven.  Not to mention that the jingle lyrics, “It’s the same thing only different”, seems to imply that someone brought a flask to spike those soft drinks and turn them into sparkley cocktails.  Oh 1978!

VIEWER IMPRESSION:  I’d totally do it!


Sure, today’s Sparkle Video is off to a choppy start, but that doesn’t take anything away from the fact that Stargard is “on fire” as they perform the funkiest track known to man.   It’s a feast for the eyes as well, as their fierce dance moves are accentuated by flowing chiffon, gobs of feathers and yards of sparkling spandex. They’re girls after my own heart as they ask… no- demand to know,  “What are you waiting for, Why don’t you get on the floor?”  Truly something that I, Da General would say.  That, and “I believe I feel some funk coming on”.  And I do!