Today’s Sparkle Video is true perfection because not only does it feature our beloved queen, Donna Summer, but it also has a fabulous intro about the positive effects that going to the disco can have in one’s life.  This should be shown in schools all over the world so that future generations will understand the importance of flashing lights, disco balls and laser beams-  plus I’m sure it’s what Donna would’ve wanted.   I’m also sure that if we could speak to Donna now, she would say that her one regret in life was not wearing enough sparkle outfits, as many of her performance clips are “sans sequins” like this one.  However, that never stopped her from shining bright like a glittering diamond!   I can’t believe it’s been a whole year since her passing, and I don’t think it gets any easier to believe she’s gone, but thankfully we have these videos to enjoy and celebrate her eternal beauty and also to remind us that we are not Donna Summer, and therefore, sparkling is required at all times – especially on the dance floor.