Today’s Sparkle Video is O.T.T. on all levels, including the homemade intro and outro which, normally I despise in youtube videos, but in this case adds the most dazzling dramatic anticipation of what’s to come next (kudos FrankJimmy!). And what does come next is Raffealla Carra shante-ing through a mound of smoke followed by her clan of male dancers in outfits that can only be described as Hot Porn Cops of the Future. Can someone bring ’round the DeLorean ’cause I’m getting in!  Truly, Raffaella is a woman after my own heart because our demands for a good time are exactly the same: disco smoke, men in hot pants and gobs of spandex and sequins.  However, what really makes her my new and everlasting queen is that not only does she work The Fabulous Entrance angle, but she takes it even further by giving you The Fabulous Exit and there is only one word for that… KABLAM!