Today’s Sparkle Video answers the question, “What planet will you visit once space travel becomes available for civilians?”  Paradisco of course!  You know, the planet where leggy Dalida-like goddesses in glittering catsuits host showstopping parties night and day.  In fact, there is no night and day, just endless swirls of fun and everyone wears metallic gold from head to toe accented by glorious sparkling sequins.  And because this planet’s atmosphere naturally emits a billowing fog, there’s a never ending supply of disco smoke, which means a never ending supply of fabulous!  Who’s coming with?


Today’s Sparkle Video features a breathtakingly beautiful Grace Jones on a Montreal TV show from 1977 and is the perfect way to start this rainy day in New York City.  A smooth disco groove like this one and our Miss Jones in a slinky magenta metallic dress accessorized with space cuffs (get some!) is the perfect “pick me up” and all I need (along with a delicious cup o’ joe!) to get me up and on my way.  The flashing lights and crowded dance floor are an added bonus of fabulous and all of it together makes the best breakfast ever!

P.S.  Dear Soldiers:   I must say “Sorry” as I have been unable to devote myself to writing as much as I’d like to due to current circumstances, but very soon I’ll be back to blogging about all of your- and my-  favorite things so stay tuned…


Today’s Sparkle Video is a fine example of what the television experience should be like.  Tilt was an Italian show from the late 70’s whose entire concept was based on the most obvious choice:  the “discoteque”.  Yes Soldiers, there was a time when producers were cool and created shows based on what people really want which is flashing lights, thumping music and lots and lots of sparkle outfits.  But I digress – so back to this clip featuring disco sensation Belle Epoque making a guest appearance on the show, sparkling madly in dancing-school-fabulous attire while surrounded by party people blessed with the fever to “Jump Down” while they get down.  Perfection!


I adore the stunning Madleen Kane, and once I laid eyes on this TV appearance from the early 80’s, I knew it was destined to be today’s Sparkle Video.  “You Can” is not my favorite MK song, as I prefer her more disco-tastic numbers, but this clip is all about the visuals.  It begins with the super-hot and glittering team of Solid Gold Dancers slinking across the stage and then it’s not long after that – KABLAM!  Madleen appears in a showstopping sequin multi-sparkle outfit that has me gagging with so much jealousy, I can hardly function enough to type this.  But don’t be alarmed Soldiers, because that’s the method I always use when deciding what I really need and I REALLY NEED THAT OUTFIT!   (Note to self:  Call personal sparkle outfit maker ASAP)


Today’s Sparkle Video is another glorious clip from the legendary TV show, Midnight Special, featuring The Sylvers who topped the charts in 1976 with this classic called “Boogie Fever”.   One of the things I love about sibling groups from this era is the dazzling concept of matching sparkle outfits, especially with a family of this size where the it’s the most effective.  The visual of several tall, slender men all wearing satin pants and bedazzled tops covered by jackets with shimmering metallic lapels and topped off with extra large afros is almost too much of a good thing.  But it’s never too much, is it?  So, add in the sisters in disco-tastic dresses of buttery yellow trimmed with silver sequins and little brother Foster (who became a superstar in his solo career) in a stand-out pair of metallic pants, and it all just screams perfection!  And Soldiers, I think all of us can relate to eating our pizza (and many other things!) while dancing to the beat, because if there’s one thing we have in common, aside from being fabulous,  it’s the boogie fever.




Today’s Sparkle Video is one of the most invigorating, life-affirming extravanganzas I’ve seen in a while (well since last Friday anyway).   I mean, is it me or is Saphir performing on a stage decorated exactly like my dream home?  Colored neon, rotating disco lights, and murky smoke billowing around the boys who are wearing a fabulous combo of satin/headband/mustache fashion “I Am Alive” is, as of this moment, my new favorite song and I’m designating it as the official summer anthem of 2013 for its sparkling ability to make me want to hop on a plane to Berlin immediately… or at least get me to the nearest dance floor pronto!


Today’s Sparkle Video is a visual onslaught of disco outer space madness equipped with magical flashing light-up stairs.  A word of caution however, as the ladies of “Babe” seem like they’re getting ready to take off into what sounds like a classic disco track and then: BOOM!  At 15 seconds, the vintage Euro-pop kicks in.  It’s at this point I suggest you turn down the volume and put on some Patrick Cowley or Sylvester or anything that puts this situation right.  While it’s baffling as to why the producer of “The Kiss” made such an odd decision, it was so long ago it doesn’t really matter because the gift of this fabulous scenery enhanced by three gorgeous blonds dressed entirely in metallic gold more than makes up for it.

Vintage Sparkle Shoes: APPROVED!


I’ve been snapping photos of sparkley things for about a month now as the holiday season brings us a glorious abundance of dazzling gems in every shop window.  Unfortunately- I also get distracted easily so I’ve been remiss in posting about my delightful finds.  That is until tonight.  Behold these ultra fabulous Vintage Sparkle Shoes I spotted sitting in the window of Amarcord in Williamsburg, Brooklyn!  “Be still my mirror-tiled heart”, I thought as they instantly transported me back to glamour days of old Hollywood and beyond.  While I love all sparkle shoes, these stunners run rings around their modern countperparts because they’re silver sling backs, they’re made with rhinestones and they’re APPROVED!


Today’s sparkle video features disco legend Celi Bee and her back up dancers performing “Hold Your Horses” in a fierce spandex explosion.   Celi is one of my style icons with her slicked hair, disco-tastic makeup and fabulous fashion sense.  She’s like a living, breathing Fiorucci illustration that twists, moves and poses on a stage of flashing lights that makes her rhinestone accents blink and sparkle madly.  It’s perfection as it should be, especially in 1979, the year of disco!


Have I mentioned I was in the KC & The Sunshine Band Fan Club as a child?  I’m sure I have and today’s Sparkle Video is a perfect example why.  First I have to mention the Donny & Marie Show because I love everything about it: the 70’s “light up” set design, the sparkling glamor of the siblings and an extra special HOLLA for Marie’s super chic short hair!  However, that’s nothing compared to the sparkle onslaught behind the curtain.  Harry Wayne Casey and his band are a bedazzled force to be reckoned with as they move and shake all over that stage asking “Do You Feel Alright?”.  One thing’s for sure, and that’s that they totally feel alright because each and every one of them is dazzling in their famous colorful rhinestone outfits.  They even brought along two lovely ladies dressed in the height of disco fashion just to drive their message of fabulosity home.  Message received KC!  Message received!