Here’s the fashion scoop for summer and you heard it here first from Da General, inspired by today’s Sparkle Video.  Its starlettes, the lovely ladies of Dynasty, are dressed in all-white featuring shimmering spandex accented by metallic gold belts.  This super-chic look is destined to take over dance floors everywhere Soldiers, because nothing says summer like being inside a cavernous dark disco while flashing lights and laser beams reflect all over your fabulousness.  And that’s what we call “Satisfied”.


Today’s Sparkle Video shows us what you get when you mix a classic by The Flirts, who look gorgeous in bedazzled black spandex, with colorful 80’s graphics: FABULOUS!  The sights and sounds in this clip of “Passion” seem designed to lead up to a giant libido meltdown, which could lead to sexy body moves and quite possibly, a hot and steamy dance floor make-out.  That’s just a warning Soldiers- proceed with caution.


It’s about time I let you in on a little secret.  Whenever I see the words “German TV” as part of a video’s title, I know that there’s an outstanding chance that it’s going to be chock full of fabulous outfits and today’s Sparkle Video is no exception.  While Abba has always been known for their splendidly over the top costumes, the ensembles worn for this performance of “Waterloo” have got to be their most showstopping ever.  Spandex, satin, sequins, metallics, mirror tiles, glittering instruments, space cuffs, platform shoes and even a magical CAPE.  I’m so out of breath already and then some freakazoid dressed like Napoleon shows up.  Soldiers, what we have here is called a KABLAM!


Today’s Sparkle Video is a gem beyond sparkling gems, featuring the gorgeous Asha Puthli who’s making an appearance on Stryx (that other-worldly, space-tastic Italian television show from the 70’s).  She’s a magical vision to behold as she slinks into view wearing head-to-toe metallic gold.  Making it even more fabulous is the sultry disco beat of “Mister Moonlight” which dramatizes her flowing wings adorned by glorious space cuffs.  Yes Soldiers, what you are seeing is bonafide LeGaspi couture complete with his trademark trapunto quilting! The combination of her flawless beauty and his dazzling outfit design makes this video so dazzling, it’s- as they say- “everything“.



Today’s Sparkle Video is all about cotton candy and sweet dreams.   Not literally, but I can’t help but think of those things every time I see Olivia Newton John and her flawless beauty and fabulous hair.  Everything about her has always been perfection and seeing her in this pink sparkle number complete with spandex disco pants makes me swoon.  Then top it off with backup singers in sequin tube tops and even more spandex, and it’s just off the darn charts!   The truly best part is that this dazzling clip of  “A Little More Love”  is not only a glittering way to start the weekend, but an especially great way to cure a hangover.   I don’t know about you Soldiers, but I’m feeling better already!



Today’s Sparkle Video features Italian dancer and songstress Heather Parisi, who could teach the world a thing or two about delivering a showstopping performance.  This clip is from Musikladen, which means it’s already fabulous, but she works it like no other so watch and learn Soldiers!

 First lesson:  Bring giant-sized black and white cutouts of yourself to give the set a spaced-out Metropolis feel.  Very effective!  Second:  Outfit.  Heather’s dazzling interpretation of the tuxedo consists of a bedazzled dickie that gives the tease of side boob, but yet her naughty bits are strategically guarded by flesh colored fabric.  To complete her disco-tastic formal wear style is the only choice that makes sense- black sequin hot shorts.   Third:  Back-up dancers.  Dressed in satin, sequins and spandex.  Get Some.




Today’s Sparkle Video is truly of those classics that everyone knows. That’s because “It Feels Like I’m in Love” is bubbly like a sparkling glass of champagne and an an instant mood-lifter for whatever ails you.  Especially with visuals of Kelly Marie, who’s rocking early 80’s fashion in a jumpsuit accented with a glittering silver  belt (not enough, I know) and a coiffed crown of gloriously crimped hair.  Yes, Soldiers, it really was all the rage back then and I hear it’s coming back so get thee on ebay soon!  Now, let’s talk about what makes this video so special: the backup dancers.  All I can say is that as soon as I post this, I’m heading out to buy a lottery ticket and if I win, I will employ two men to dance just like this and most important, dress just like this and they’ll be with me at all times.  Armed with my “Squad of Fabulous”, it will be impossible to ever have a bad day because one glimpse at those snappy hips covered in shimmering spandex and I’ll be giddy with happiness.  In fact, I’m pretty sure I can write this off as an expense, being Da General and all.


Today’s Sparkle Video is a fabulous fashion onslaught of mad proportion.  Earth, WInd & Fire, aside from their supreme funkiness, have always been known for wearing incredible outfits and this clip is no exception.  It starts from the very beginning with band members in “O.T.T.”  getups playing those infamous beginning notes and then- we are hit with the amazing female backup singers.  It’s pure magic when they shout “Dance!” while they flail their multicolored chiffon wings and shake their black bedazzled tops and skin tight red spandex pants all over the place.  Then KABLAM!  Enter the lead singer, in his slim fitting white jumpsuit (with clever neckline to show off his manly chest), covered in so many glimmering sequins it’s almost too much!  But it never is… is it, Soldiers?  Like I said in the beginning, it’s a stage filled with dazzling fabulosity, which is truly the only way to go if you’re going sing about that glorious place known as “Boogie Wonderland”.


Sure, today’s Sparkle Video is off to a choppy start, but that doesn’t take anything away from the fact that Stargard is “on fire” as they perform the funkiest track known to man.   It’s a feast for the eyes as well, as their fierce dance moves are accentuated by flowing chiffon, gobs of feathers and yards of sparkling spandex. They’re girls after my own heart as they ask… no- demand to know,  “What are you waiting for, Why don’t you get on the floor?”  Truly something that I, Da General would say.  That, and “I believe I feel some funk coming on”.  And I do!


The Multinauts

A while back Ronson went out and hired real live video specialists to create a dazzling promo for one of our parties.  They used all kinds of tricks to make him look like he was zipping around in outer space and it was pretty darn cool.  Well, check out The Multinauts who have totally raised the bar by making a Sci-Fi series of galactic proportion.  Aside from the usual things you’d expect from a show about space, they also wisely included a lot of special elements to make this series such a smashing success.  Cocktail parties, gobs of lasers, hot electro music and bitchy fetish queens are some of the fabulous things in their universe and I want more so I’m hoping they add a new episode soon.  Perhaps I should suggest they film one at the next Join the Sparkle Army party… but it will be called “The Multi-Sparkle-nauts”!