Today’s Sparkle Video is a fabulous fashion onslaught of mad proportion.  Earth, WInd & Fire, aside from their supreme funkiness, have always been known for wearing incredible outfits and this clip is no exception.  It starts from the very beginning with band members in “O.T.T.”  getups playing those infamous beginning notes and then- we are hit with the amazing female backup singers.  It’s pure magic when they shout “Dance!” while they flail their multicolored chiffon wings and shake their black bedazzled tops and skin tight red spandex pants all over the place.  Then KABLAM!  Enter the lead singer, in his slim fitting white jumpsuit (with clever neckline to show off his manly chest), covered in so many glimmering sequins it’s almost too much!  But it never is… is it, Soldiers?  Like I said in the beginning, it’s a stage filled with dazzling fabulosity, which is truly the only way to go if you’re going sing about that glorious place known as “Boogie Wonderland”.