All Soldiers anywhere near London on Saturday should be attending “Space Children: From Dr. Funkenstein to the ArcAndroid” at the British Library. Part of this multimedia event features superstars George Clinton and Nona Hendryx who will discuss the dazzling science fiction inspired live shows of Parliament and Labelle which, among wonderous stage sets and lighting, included costumes by Sparkle Army Hero, Larry LeGaspi. I’m overcome with sparkle excitement that the subject of Mr. LeGaspi will be part of the lecture, but at the same time my heart breaks that I won’t be there (bloody private jet!), but I’m happy to know my London Soldiers will report back with all the glittering details.

There are so many other sparkling elements to this presentation, it is not to be missed, but I do hope you have a ticket already because it’s SOLD OUT and you know what that means- you might have to resort to your “old school groupie ways” of getting in!

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(image of ad copy from British Library: What’s On)