Amazing how fast a week can pass and then KABLAM!  It’s Sparkle Video Day again!   In all honesty though, it couldn’t have come fast enough for me because I’ve been gagging to share today’s clip with you.  I’m in love with everything that’s being showcased here from the hazy focus to the bright colored outfits (in a palette that’s all the rage right now) and especially the super sexiness of “Shy, Shy Sugarman” performed by Jack’s Project.   A hot number that starts out with “Some get the glitter, some get the gold… “, is an all out attitude fest because these girls ooze with fabulous bitchiness, especially the one in the yellow.  In fact, they’re that much sought after combination of being both the popular girls and also the very, very bad girls.  I must also point out that special honors go to the lead singer for knowing how to work in maximum hand shots to show off her press-on nails… as any of us would do.