Today’s Sparkle Video features Italian dancer and songstress Heather Parisi, who could teach the world a thing or two about delivering a showstopping performance.  This clip is from Musikladen, which means it’s already fabulous, but she works it like no other so watch and learn Soldiers!

 First lesson:  Bring giant-sized black and white cutouts of yourself to give the set a spaced-out Metropolis feel.  Very effective!  Second:  Outfit.  Heather’s dazzling interpretation of the tuxedo consists of a bedazzled dickie that gives the tease of side boob, but yet her naughty bits are strategically guarded by flesh colored fabric.  To complete her disco-tastic formal wear style is the only choice that makes sense- black sequin hot shorts.   Third:  Back-up dancers.  Dressed in satin, sequins and spandex.  Get Some.




Amazing how fast a week can pass and then KABLAM!  It’s Sparkle Video Day again!   In all honesty though, it couldn’t have come fast enough for me because I’ve been gagging to share today’s clip with you.  I’m in love with everything that’s being showcased here from the hazy focus to the bright colored outfits (in a palette that’s all the rage right now) and especially the super sexiness of “Shy, Shy Sugarman” performed by Jack’s Project.   A hot number that starts out with “Some get the glitter, some get the gold… “, is an all out attitude fest because these girls ooze with fabulous bitchiness, especially the one in the yellow.  In fact, they’re that much sought after combination of being both the popular girls and also the very, very bad girls.  I must also point out that special honors go to the lead singer for knowing how to work in maximum hand shots to show off her press-on nails… as any of us would do.



Today’s Sparkle Video is from one of our favorite TV shows, Musikladen, however this clip is from 1983 when they clearly had a lot more money to spend on production.  Sure, it’s only a theory, but I think it’s supported by the inclusion of a slick, snazzy and sparkly show open and a full-on neon light-up stage (as compared to the old tinsel and foil backdrops sometimes used in the 70’s).  However, the most obvious kick in the budget surely went to the slew of ladies dressed in “dancing school fabulous” hired to shimmy and shake along to the performing guests who, right now, happens to be Trax.   I think it’s totally appropriate that a man singing “Get ready ‘cuz here I come..” should make use of a dazzling sequin lightning bolt that leads straight down to a spectacularly large codpiece, in a “driving the statement home” kind of way.  The drummer also knows his way around an outfit, as he made a fabulous choice in wearing his spaced-out best.  I guess the other two guys didn’t get the sparkle memo, but it’s okay because the hotties dancing around them kind of steal the show anyway.  Especially the girl in the super hero number who remembered to include the most important fashion accessory of all time- Space Cuffs (get some!).


Great Moments in Disco Fashion History: The BeDazzler

This vintage commercial says it all “Don’t be dull, be DAZZLING” (and a special shout out for the disco-tastic red nails!).  One of the most fabulous inventions ever made, the BeDazzler, changed fashion forever  because now, after watching The MIdnight Special , Musikladen and other late night music shows, people at home could finally recreate the sparkling fashions of their favorite Superstars.  This little machine single-handedly took “dazzling on the dancefloor” to a new and exciting level and for that, deserves a brilliant Sparkle Army Salute!





I’m so intrigued by today’s Sparkle Video because it has all the elements of fabulosity- a tall gorgeous creature dressed in a red hot sequin bodysuit and heels with amazing hair and makeup surrounded by billowing smoke.  If all of that wasn’t enough, Bibi Andersen takes it a step further by singing “Call Me Lady Champagne” while sipping on a delightful glass of bubbly.  I think we have a new hero Soldiers!


Today’s Sparkle Video shows The Jacksons performing on Musikladen dressed adorably in bedazzled powder blue from top to bottom with the fabulous touch of spaced-out shoulder pads.  I personally find it much more effective when the entire group has matching outfits don’t you?  It certainly makes much more of a statement and I love the one they’re making!  The infectious repetition of “Enjoy Yourself” coupled with Michael’s pleading to stop worrying about things you can’t control, just live the life you got and get up on the dance floor and have some fun makes this one of their catchiest songs ever.  Well, you don’t have to twist my arm Jacksons…I’m already dancing!



Today’s Sparkle Video is so very special because it proudly displays our love for rock n’ roll by taking two hot blondes, covering them in glitter and rhinestones and setting them loose in the wonder world of Musikladen.  I’m not sure how Led Zeppelin felt about this version of “Whole Lotta Love”, and I’m not sure either, but who cares because it’s all about the outfits.  What hasn’t Blonde on Blonde incorporated here?  There’s sequin tube tops (yes), spandex pants (love), all visible flesh jam packed with glitter (fabulous) topped off with suit jackets bedazzled with sparkling stars and adorable blue guitars (j’adore).  Perhaps they should have called themselves More is More instead!


Today’s Sparkle Video is hitting you from one of my favorites angles: the new wave outer space angle! Kim Carnes looks H-O-T in head to toe silver, especially because she went all the way there- down to her fingertips- impressive!  Accessorizing with white boots and a wide and sexy white belt gets top honors and is winning votes everywhere for the new official Sparkle Army Spacesuit. However, it’s not just the outfit that rules, it’s also her raspy voice that gives you Rod Stewart while her fab hair and makeup is serving up his ex-wife Alana.  True, the classic 80’s synth n’ guitar mixture has always been near and dear to my heart, but even more so is being a “Voyeur”.  Now surround that with gobs of smoke and flashing lights and you have one helluva of a Friday morning!


Today’s Sparkle Video is once again from our favorite show of dazzle and delight- Musikladen.  Here we have the Dolly Dots not dressed in actual sparkles, but making their own way in the disco fashion world with an electric “peter-pan-warrior-princess” look.  It’s quite adorable seeing the full color explosion that’s happening on stage while they sass n’ shake like their hips like cheerleaders gone terribly wrong. They also get extra sparkle points for making use of an effect we don’t see much of anymore -the legendary strobe light moment.



Today’s Sparkle Videos are both from the group Eruption and are featured for different reasons, however nothing to do with having different singers.  “Go Johnnie Go” is a song I can go my whole life without ever hearing again but, like most footage from the Musikladen TV Show, the costumes are pure sequin overload! These outfits have a wonderful style that mixes two of my favorites together- dancing school fabulous and asymmetrical outer space drama. “I Cant Stand the Rain” is also featured today, not only for singer Precious Wilson’s sparkling “insect on acid” look, but to prove that this group actually had some good music at one point. This song was their biggest hit and I love the way it captures the sound of rain droplets… in that magical disco sorta way, that is!