Michael Jackson and the entire Jackson family have never been strangers to fabulous sparkle outfits, but today’s Sparkle Video shows MJ at his most dazzle-tastic. From his glittering silver boots to his gem-encrusted striped pants that accentuate his every move, to his matching sparkling top.  He’s truly a sight to behold!  This vision is made even more fantastic by the green laser beams dancing behind him, adding magical shapes and shadows to this performance of “Rock With You” and makes this timeless classic even more unforgettable.



Today’s sparkle video features disco legend Celi Bee and her back up dancers performing “Hold Your Horses” in a fierce spandex explosion.   Celi is one of my style icons with her slicked hair, disco-tastic makeup and fabulous fashion sense.  She’s like a living, breathing Fiorucci illustration that twists, moves and poses on a stage of flashing lights that makes her rhinestone accents blink and sparkle madly.  It’s perfection as it should be, especially in 1979, the year of disco!


Have I mentioned I was in the KC & The Sunshine Band Fan Club as a child?  I’m sure I have and today’s Sparkle Video is a perfect example why.  First I have to mention the Donny & Marie Show because I love everything about it: the 70’s “light up” set design, the sparkling glamor of the siblings and an extra special HOLLA for Marie’s super chic short hair!  However, that’s nothing compared to the sparkle onslaught behind the curtain.  Harry Wayne Casey and his band are a bedazzled force to be reckoned with as they move and shake all over that stage asking “Do You Feel Alright?”.  One thing’s for sure, and that’s that they totally feel alright because each and every one of them is dazzling in their famous colorful rhinestone outfits.  They even brought along two lovely ladies dressed in the height of disco fashion just to drive their message of fabulosity home.  Message received KC!  Message received!

Fashion Darling

Another Fashion Week is winding down here in NYC and while the past few days have been filled with gobs of endless glamor, one show dazzles above them all.  The Blonds are Sparkle Army favorites because they take the idea of “More is More” and shove it in your pretty face.  This creative and fabulous duo would never dream of “toning it down” for any reason and all I have to say to that is “HOLLA!”  I especially love their undersea galactica theme (I just made that up!) this season which made all the girls into hot blonds embellished with glimmering stars, deep sea jewels and strategically placed plexiglass lipstick tubes.















Another reason to love The Blonds is that they also design for our favorite fashion doll.  Officially named “The Blonds Blond Diamond™ Barbie®, she has never looked more sparkle-tastic than in this rhinestone encrusted number with matching sparkle shoes, sexy side swept hair and dramatically long (and thankfully not real) fur coat.  All together now… KABLAM!


It’s been a while since we had some Rock n’ Roll on Sparkle Video Day and there’s no more glamorous, rockingess, sparkle-tastic one than The Gossips’s “Heavy Cross”.  First and foremost: OUTFIT!  Holla Beth Ditto!   This is a girl after my own heart and the personification of “More is More”.  Hair, makeup, nails, jewels- she is completely covered in fabulosity.  Even in her more casual look she makes sure to wear a sparkling black “T”, post-punk eye makeup and dramatic red lips.  As for the music, it’s right on point with how I like my rock which is hard hitting with lots of rhythm for dancing and this song rages with the passion in her voice.  I’d also like to give special sparkle kudos to the director for adding the flowing glitter effect that encompasses everything (exactly what glitter is meant to do!) and for lighting it all with star filters because just like me, that never gets old.



It’s the very first Sparkle Video Day of 2012 and it’s starting out with a jewel encrusted bang!  This is truly one of the best videos I’ve ever seen for many reasons, but mostly because it reminds me of a night at the disco recently where the crowd was standing on the dance floor.  Not dancing, just standing and watching the DJ.  Watching for what I don’t know, but while they were not dancing, me and R. Wayne were sparkling madly and throwing it down freak style all around them.  Anyway… back to Starf*cker and their video where a bunch of bland hipsters are having the most boring toga party on earth.  Enter the mysterious stranger in a bedazzled spandex outfit who comes in and proceeds to strip, fondle and lipstick tattoo each and every one of them and you know what?  It worked!  Who would’ve guessed that this was the recipe for unjamming giants sticks from peoples’ posteriors and for turning any party into righteous “Quality Time”?  Now that I know this trick, I’ll be more than prepared-  I’ll be armed and extremely dangerous.

Great Moments in Disco Fashion History: The BeDazzler

This vintage commercial says it all “Don’t be dull, be DAZZLING” (and a special shout out for the disco-tastic red nails!).  One of the most fabulous inventions ever made, the BeDazzler, changed fashion forever  because now, after watching The MIdnight Special , Musikladen and other late night music shows, people at home could finally recreate the sparkling fashions of their favorite Superstars.  This little machine single-handedly took “dazzling on the dancefloor” to a new and exciting level and for that, deserves a brilliant Sparkle Army Salute!





Today’s Sparkle Video shows The Jacksons performing on Musikladen dressed adorably in bedazzled powder blue from top to bottom with the fabulous touch of spaced-out shoulder pads.  I personally find it much more effective when the entire group has matching outfits don’t you?  It certainly makes much more of a statement and I love the one they’re making!  The infectious repetition of “Enjoy Yourself” coupled with Michael’s pleading to stop worrying about things you can’t control, just live the life you got and get up on the dance floor and have some fun makes this one of their catchiest songs ever.  Well, you don’t have to twist my arm Jacksons…I’m already dancing!


Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame Museum

As a devoted music lover, it’s always been my dream to go to the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame Museum and, thanks to Hurricane Irene and an unexpected stop through Cleveland, I finally got my wish.  There is so much to see that you really do need at least one whole day to experience all the fabulousness.  Some points of interest include learning about the early musicians who influenced and shaped what was to become Rock n’ Roll, the history of sound and audio and, of course my favorite and clearly the most dazzling part, the exhibit of artifacts and OUTFITS!   As you can imagine, there was no shortage of sequins and rhinestones in the building as people from all genres seem to know that sparkling on stage is a must for any good performance.  I was able to snap a few photos which is technically forbidden, but why on earth would I pick this moment in time to start following rules, especially when it’s my duty to share my glittering experiences?  Sadly, I was only able to sneak a few shots before my battery wore out (and also due to museum staff lurking about), but here are some of what I was able to capture.

What you don’t see here are gobs of garb from other heavy hitters like Stevie Nicks, Michael Jackson (including “The Glove”!), Jimi Hendrix, Elvis and so many more.  Timing was also on my side as a special exhibit titled “Women Who Rock” was showing and this was even more sparkle-tastic and included some of my favorite ladies in music including Cher, Heart, The Runaways, Debbie Harry and The Supremes.

The Rock n Roll Hall of Fame Museum is also the place to go if you want to see many of the top designers to the Superstars under one roof and some of the most legendary are there including Nudie Cohn, Ossie Clark, Bob Mackie, Stephen Sprouse, Micheal Schmidt and Kansai Yamamoto.  Now, let me ask you Soldiers- do you happen to notice anyone’s name in particular missing from this list?  The answer is Larry LeGaspi, who is not only my idol, but one of the most prolific costume designers in music history.  I was perplexed that I didn’t see his name anywhere and then… it hit me.  While looking at some George Clinton pieces from the Atomic Dog era,  I looked up at the sign and was blindsided because the outfit was credited to “designer Larry Lagatsby“!  I was truly in a state of shock and wasn’t sure how to react because after all, I was overjoyed that he actually was included in the exhibit, but such a grave mistake was not tolerable on my part.  Should I alert an employee nearby?  Do I whip out a Sharpie and fix it myself?  Perhaps I go with a classic move,  “the meltdown”, then create a scene and wait for an apology?  I couldn’t even bring myself to photograph the sign as evidence because it was truly heart wrenching.  In the end, I decided not to let this one moment ruin my amazing experience at the museum and that the best thing to do was to go home and write a letter to the curator and explain their mistake, in my most courteous Sparkle Speak of course, and kindly ask them to correct it.  While I’m at it, I’m also going to suggest that they change the name to the Rock n’ Roll AND DIsco Hall of Fame, because after all, we like both kinds of music!





Warning Soldiers:  You are about to witness a Sparkle Video beyond anything you’ve witnessed before and which also serves as a reminder that there will only ever be one Godfather of Soul.  Here, James Brown and his band are performing “Payback” live and killing it so hard that a party of sparkling proportion is happening on that stage filled with rhinestones and shimmering capes.  It’s not just happening on the stage either- take a look at the Soul Train dancers.  They are totally feeling it and so am I, for even though it’s only 11:30am, I am dressed and ready to hit the disco (or at least an early happy hour)!

By the way, I’d also like to take time in this post to thank my childhood sitters who were not only sisters, but “Sisters” with fabulously big afros.  They played lots of James Brown for me and my brother while teaching us how to dance “The Bump” and then rewarded us with a trip to the candy store after.
Debbie & Tanya: you were the best- thanks for giving Da General some soul!