This past Monday was my birthday and also the release date of “Escape Machine” and might I say, what a fabulous coincidence!  In fact, at first listen it was exactly like eating a piece of deliciously rich chocolate cake when that magical first bite sends shivers down your spine and jolts of electricity through your heart.  It’s still that way no matter how many times I play it and that’s because Sare Havlicek has left no frequency untouched on his latest concoction of sounds.  If I had to choose only one word to describe how it makes me feel, I would say “happy”, however there’s no way for me to choose one favorite track so here’s a small glittering taste.

The journey begins with “Diamondback, Pts. l & ll” which leads with an orchestrated string open that sounds like the beginning of a classical serenade and then KABLAM!  You are in space transport!  From there, the experience is a dazzling combo of Sare’s trademark cosmic instrumentals mixed with super catchy and hypnotic vocals and then sprinkled with a bit of funk.  Singer Hannah Mancini takes “Vibe On You” to a special place I like to call “the love child of Chic and Lisa Stansfield” and.. guess what?  There’s boys!  Yes, male vocals are also included this time around featuring Mitja and Charlie Denholm which add some new layers to Sare’s “cake”.  Perhaps it falls under the TMI category, but “White Noise Voice” gives me tingles in all kinds of places and speaking of tingles, if this was the 70’s “Burning Hot” would surely be on the soundtrack to one of those disco-tastic disco porn movies.  “Sense Station” kicks major-bass-ass and “12 Fingered Chime” takes me instantly to a hot summer night on a rooftop party watching the sun go down surrounded by good friends with smiling faces, sparkley cocktails in hand and makeshift dance floor going strong.  In other words, happy.

(Escape Machine is released on Nang Records)