One of the most fabulous things about being a Pisces is that you are on the same page with all other Pisces about basically everything, but when you happen to share the same exact birth date, it’s more like KABLAM!.  Such is the case with myself and devoted Sparkle Soldier Ana, who chose today’s Sparkle Video to kick-start our birthday celebration weekend (that’s right 3 whole days of disco balls, laser beams and sparkling cocktails!) and what a dazzling number of perfection!  A group after my own heart, Midnight Magic not only pays homage to a classic disco bass-line, but also honors the Word of Glitter in the most righteous way.  “Beam Me Up” truly has everything one could ask for including a trumpet playing alien,  whaling keytars , a glitter encrusted space warrior who casts “light-up-dance-floor beams” down to earth and a lead singer whose haunting vocals have a hint of the late great Teena Marie.  However, the most fabulous thing about Tiffany Roth is that she and I share the same makeup aesthetic, which I call the  “Sparkle Onslaught”, which defines itself as a look that has no glitter limits (as IF there ever would be!).  The best part of today is that they are playing live tonight at Le Bain which is where I’ll be, and so should you, in a cache of glimmering sequins.