For your pleasure on Sparkle Video Day, I have chosen to feature two videos of the same song by the same group because I honestly couldn’t decide which was more splendid.

Video A shows the Boys Town Gang performing their hit “Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You”  in a standard “lip-sync-to-track” moment but looking marvelous nonetheless.  The male backup “dancers” (something makes me think they’re not really dancers) are rocking their best matching leather daddy looks and Jackson Moore’s dress screams early 80’s disco fashion in the most fabulous way.  Batwing sleeves, down-turned metallic belt and draping made to move with her body as she slinks around on stage is purely top drawer!

Video B features an appearance on Top of the Pops where they’re singing live and feeling it!   In this version, the backup “dancers” are also backup singers and while they’re covered a bit more they still make sure to have guns fully exposed in matching electric red low-slung tanks.   As for the lovely Ms. Moore, all I can say is “eat your heart out American Apparel!”.  She is working full length black satin explosion like the Johnny Cash of Disco and I’m loving it!