Two words: disco smoke.  Today’s Sparkle Video has Mankind swimming in the most lush and billowing cloud of smoke I have ever seen and I just want to jump right into it!  This creative decision was 100% the right one, because the it’s the only way this disco-tastic sci-fi sound should ever be presented.  The “Dr. Who Theme” is like a party waiting to explode all over the stage.  No wait- it is a party and those guys are totally feeling it, but where are the spaced-out sparkle sluts dancing behind them?  Read between the lines, Soldiers!  It was Top of the Pops and the 70’s after all, so most likely they’re partying backstage in the green room.



Today’s Sparkle Video features more from Top of the Pops in what has to be one of the most exhilarating guest appearances ever.  Here, the legendary group Imagination performs their classic “Flashback” with many of the dazzling effects that Sparkle Videos require.  Shimmering “half-outfits” baring much-much skin, a stage of flashing lights framed in a totally 80’s palette of purple and turqwuaz and a fancy editing style that kicks in on the chorus all adds up to make this a truly exceptional moment in time.   The equally sparkling audience and gyrating hips swirls are extra details that put this one so over the top for me that I’m having a bit of trouble coming down!


I’m a big fan of Legs & Co videos which feature a troupe of lovely ladies dancing to the hits from the TV show, Top of The Pops.  However, a lot of times their costumes fall short of fabulous, but not in today’s Sparkle Video!  Someone was channeling Flash Gordon or Larry LeGaspi or both when they designed these dazzling gold metallic numbers complete coordinating hat, gloves, booties and most importantly –  cape!   They look like heavenly golden stewardesses who have landed their spaceship on earth, ready to bring close encounters to a dance floor near you.  Their performance of Earth, Wind & Fire‘s “Star” is nothing short of magical, complete with dreamy “rainbow” light effects.  But it was 1979 after all, the year of disco, so they had to deliver.  I’m just hoping that Sir Richard Branson sees this and takes the hint, because this is the only outfit that will do for a cabin crew if I’m ever getting on a ride to space.


Today’s Sparkle Video is one of my all-time favorite songs and this clip of Raw Silk performing in the height of 80’s disco fashion is truly a rare sparkling diamond!  I also chose this because we are fast approaching the most fabulous holiday of the year when everyone casts aside their inhibitions (those who have some anyway) and dazzles from head to toe with reckless abandon. However, to be honest, I can’t be sure this was a Top of The Pops Halloween special, or “fancy-dress party as the Brits like to call it,  because it was 1982 and seeing a dance floor filled with supercharged freak-a-zoids was normal back then.   Longing for a time machine anyone?



Today’s Sparkle Video takes “dancing-school-fabulous” to the ultimate level.  Here we have the sultry Legs & Co., of Top of The Pops fame, showing off my favorite look while moving and grooving to Chic‘s classic, “Dance, Dance, Dance”.   I love these costumes because not only do they make use of the glorious mutli-sparkle sequin effect, but each one has their own color-way,  just like the Osmonds ( if they were girls! ).  Plus, the added bonus of flouncy feather tails mimicking Vegas showgirls truly brings their dazzle to the most glittering heights of fabulous!  There aren’t not too many jobs that I’d trade being Da General for Soldiers, but this is definitely one of them.


For your pleasure on Sparkle Video Day, I have chosen to feature two videos of the same song by the same group because I honestly couldn’t decide which was more splendid.

Video A shows the Boys Town Gang performing their hit “Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You”  in a standard “lip-sync-to-track” moment but looking marvelous nonetheless.  The male backup “dancers” (something makes me think they’re not really dancers) are rocking their best matching leather daddy looks and Jackson Moore’s dress screams early 80’s disco fashion in the most fabulous way.  Batwing sleeves, down-turned metallic belt and draping made to move with her body as she slinks around on stage is purely top drawer!

Video B features an appearance on Top of the Pops where they’re singing live and feeling it!   In this version, the backup “dancers” are also backup singers and while they’re covered a bit more they still make sure to have guns fully exposed in matching electric red low-slung tanks.   As for the lovely Ms. Moore, all I can say is “eat your heart out American Apparel!”.  She is working full length black satin explosion like the Johnny Cash of Disco and I’m loving it!




Today’s Sparkle Video is a holiday treat!  The lovely ladies from Legs & Co are dancing up a special number for the Top of the Pops Christmas Special dressed like scantily clad Poinsetta Elves trimmed with silver tinsel and sexy ankle boots.  Who wouldn’t want to wake up and find these hot nymphs setting up their toys while they work it out robot style to Funky Town?  Let’s all start a new tradition we can get behind and forget about Santa and that boring plate of cookies.  From now on Soldiers, it’s all about leaving flutes of champagne!