Here I was, ready to feature “All American Girls” as today’s Sparkle Video seeing that July 4th is just around the corner, but then this dazzling number turned up and I said “THASIT!”.
I couldn’t look away from this gem of glittering proportion and I’m sure you can easily see why because “Reach Your Peak” stole the spotlight with its EVERYTHING.  The lovely ladies of Sister Sledge, sparkled out to the max, getting sassy and sultry on a dance floor filled with flashing lights, disco smoke and laser beams is nothing less than spectacular.  Seriously, sparkle tops and pants?  Usually we see one or the other, but that’s exactly the right move when you believe More is More and lead singer Joni’s twinkling jumpsuit deserves special mention for working those star filters overtime.  By the way, starting today, this song is my new motivator for any day I feel “the lazies” coming on, which happens often in summer.  I think this sexy tune will keep me focused and working hard toward my goals and one of which, by the way, is another fabulous Sparkle Army party so stay tuned Soldiers!