Today’s Sparkle Video is for all of the Soldiers out there who are rough n’ tough during the day, but love some glitter at night.  This version of “Eye Of The Tiger” is from an Italian television show called Fantastico and is a dazzling display of manhood and sequins. For those of you that don’t speak Italian, I will translate:  Scantily clad men dressed in satin boxing outfits sparring, punching and jumping rope until… KABLAM! Sexy Heather Parisi coyly saunters on the stage in a skintight sparkling catsuit and completely takes over the gym with her feminine wiles.  Soon after, an array of powerful leaps, fearless pirouettes, valiant high kicks and macho posing compete for the leading lady’s attention until finally-  a “TKO” followed by a triumphantly sassy yet butch duet.  Now THAT’S Italian!