Today marks the first time an artist has been chosen to be the Sparkle Video two weeks in a row, so let’s just say that I’ve been bitten by the “Eartha Kitt bug”.  I’m completely smitten by her attitude in this clip for “I Don’t Care”, which is basically a theme song for those of us who like to do our own thing-  all the time, no matter what.  Here, she’s a mysterious feline female in a fabulous black catsuit with magical chiffon wings, who makes men rip off their clothes and dance around her like adoring minions.  I suppose I love this song because I also “don’t care what the trendies may do” nor care “what they tell me is new” and I especially “don’t care what the people say” as I’ll always “carry on this way.” Indeed, sparkling minds really do think alike.


Today’s Sparkle Video is proof positive that at one time, fabulous taste was everywhere.  “Fiebre” (Fever) was a Mexican TV show in the 70’s that was a glorious 2 hour dance contest which also featured disco fashion extreme, thumping music galore and the only decor ever needed, at all, period.   There are so many glittering sequins and yards of shimmering fabric that it’s absolutely blinding and though it’s difficult to pick a favorite outfit, mine is the green sequin catsuit that’s owning the light-up dancefloor.  Soldiers, when I rule the world this is how everything will look all the time- a dazzling feast for the eyes and ears to behold.  Coincidentally, that’s also the idea behind the Sparkle Army parties and watching this makes me want to have one right now!


Here she is once again, the fabulous Miss Precious Wilson, rocking one of the most daring outfits ever seen in a Sparkle Video and also one which is surely the result of many glasses of champagne.  How else do you explain this alluring Sequin Snake Charmer idea?  It’s quite brilliant, not just for it’s amazing sparkle factor, but also because it accentuates her sexy slithering moves just like a reptilian princess from outer space and is topped off with the only choice-  a glimmering turban crown.  Ssssplendid!



Today’s Sparkle Video is for all of the Soldiers out there who are rough n’ tough during the day, but love some glitter at night.  This version of “Eye Of The Tiger” is from an Italian television show called Fantastico and is a dazzling display of manhood and sequins. For those of you that don’t speak Italian, I will translate:  Scantily clad men dressed in satin boxing outfits sparring, punching and jumping rope until… KABLAM! Sexy Heather Parisi coyly saunters on the stage in a skintight sparkling catsuit and completely takes over the gym with her feminine wiles.  Soon after, an array of powerful leaps, fearless pirouettes, valiant high kicks and macho posing compete for the leading lady’s attention until finally-  a “TKO” followed by a triumphantly sassy yet butch duet.  Now THAT’S Italian!


Today’s Sparkle Video is one that will get you right up off your feet!  The gorgeous ladies of Stargard are a force to be reckoned with- all them sexy, sassy and fabulously dressed. I love that each of them is wearing a totally different look and all at the height of disco fashion: Metallic shimmer catsuit with batwing sleeves and gold boots, red spandex catsuit with matching cocoon coat, blush pink satin jumpsuit with feather accents.  If only people dressed like that today, the world would be a much nicer place.

Oh wait… they do!  Join The Sparkle Army on September 11 at Monster Ronson’s where the best Spaced-Out-Sparkle Outfit wins a 50 Euro Bar Tab!



Donna Summer needs absolutely no introduction!  In today’s Sparkle Video she is the definition of Disco Beauty and takes hold of the stage in an EGYPTIAN SPARKLE CATSUIT ensemble that is on fire– especially when she starts to boogie down making use of the right arm flowing fabric/cuff moment! KUDOS!!!!!

Truth be told, it’s rare to find video of Ms. Summers performing in a Sparkle Outfit and I am unsure why. There must be a logical reason because I refuse to believe that she just didn’t like them. No matter, she’ll always be my Queen. Thankfully, I think the Midnight Special had a mandate that all performers wear sparkles so they could make use of their fabulous STARFILTERS! Thank you Midnight Special!

By the way-  the 20 minute version of this song is H-O-T!  Get it, play it.. make out to it!



Today’s Sparkle Video features the sequin catsuit to end all sequin catsuits because this SPACED OUT SILVER number is totally OFF THE CHAIN! What’s amazing is how current the shape is- those shoulders are right on trend in 2010.  I’m also tripping on the right sleeve that includes a fabulous, “hinting at a SPACE CUFF” detail!  Notice when Emily Woods is moving, she knows how to work that body to show off this genius design?

Truthfully, I do find this outfit an odd choice for a classic song like Proud Mary and I wonder why didn’t she go for covering a hot track by Patrick Cowley, but who really cares?  She looks stunning amidst all those disco balls and laser beams, and isn’t that what we all want out of life?



There’s nothing I don’t love about today’s Sparkle Video- from the opening scene right up to the end- it’s sex on fire!  Lulu is feeling it singing “I Love to Boogie” but we all know what she means. Her divine hotness in that skintight SEQUIN CATSUIT, thanks to a steady diet of carrot sticks, screams MEOW MEOW MEOW! Once her underage dance partner shows up in equally tight pants, high heels and shiny slicked back hair, things really heat up!

Grinding on the dancefloor, surrounded by a circle of strangers rolling around them- it’s just like a scene from Plato’s Retreat… except with clothes!