Donna Summer needs absolutely no introduction!  In today’s Sparkle Video she is the definition of Disco Beauty and takes hold of the stage in an EGYPTIAN SPARKLE CATSUIT ensemble that is on fire– especially when she starts to boogie down making use of the right arm flowing fabric/cuff moment! KUDOS!!!!!

Truth be told, it’s rare to find video of Ms. Summers performing in a Sparkle Outfit and I am unsure why. There must be a logical reason because I refuse to believe that she just didn’t like them. No matter, she’ll always be my Queen. Thankfully, I think the Midnight Special had a mandate that all performers wear sparkles so they could make use of their fabulous STARFILTERS! Thank you Midnight Special!

By the way-  the 20 minute version of this song is H-O-T!  Get it, play it.. make out to it!


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