How much fun is this Shulton cologne ad?  The sleek look of Satin is something we’ve forgotton about in modern times, but it was everywhere in 1978 and this couple is at the height of Disco Fashion! There is nothing the Advertising Creatives didn’t include in this image- flashing lights, roller skates, billowing smoke… oh except that the fragrance is called “Blue Jeans” and no ones wearing any- but hey- it was the 70’s. You certainly can’t expect people to stay up all night SPARKLING AT THE DISCO and then write things that make sense.  How do I know this?  Printed in the lower left hand corner is “Photographed at New York, New York Discotheque”… you do the math.

By the way- New York, New York is one of the lesser talked about clubs from NYC’s disco heyday and during my research, I located this FAB photo of the club in real action- SUPERB!  This discovery has inspired me to include a new blog category in the future, so now you can look forward to more posts about historic clubs along with other random things I find fascinating. KABLAM!

(photocredit : I currently do not know the source of this photo, but once I locate it, will credit it properly- apologies for now!)

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