Today’s Sparkle Video is another glorious clip from the legendary TV show, Midnight Special, featuring The Sylvers who topped the charts in 1976 with this classic called “Boogie Fever”.   One of the things I love about sibling groups from this era is the dazzling concept of matching sparkle outfits, especially with a family of this size where the it’s the most effective.  The visual of several tall, slender men all wearing satin pants and bedazzled tops covered by jackets with shimmering metallic lapels and topped off with extra large afros is almost too much of a good thing.  But it’s never too much, is it?  So, add in the sisters in disco-tastic dresses of buttery yellow trimmed with silver sequins and little brother Foster (who became a superstar in his solo career) in a stand-out pair of metallic pants, and it all just screams perfection!  And Soldiers, I think all of us can relate to eating our pizza (and many other things!) while dancing to the beat, because if there’s one thing we have in common, aside from being fabulous,  it’s the boogie fever.




For the first Sparkle Video since my return to NYC I wanted something that really starts out with a bang and this clip from The Ohio Players certainly does.   What more fabulous an entrance can you have then this one filled with gobs of disco smoke accented by spinning sirens?   This intro to “Fire” screams “get up and dance” and in fact, this might be one of the few clips where the Midnight Special audience actually does get out of their seats and dance.  It’s a bedazzled funk explosion that’s unstoppable and just gets more and more dazzling when the singer in the sunglasses and dandy scarf gets down with his bad self while flame graphics shoot up around him and then KABLAM!  Pop n’ Lock!  I must say that as a devoted Midnight Special fan, this is truly one of the most epic performances to ever grace that legendary stage and has me chanting “O-H-I-O .. O-H-I-O!”.


Today’s Sparkle Video is not only a piece of music history, but also a great moment in disco fashion history as well.  In this clip, The Midnight Special is featuring an epic live performance from LaBelle singing “Lady Marmalade” and looking like gorgeous Space Queens from beyond the galaxy.   Its no wonder because they’re dressed from head to toe in silver metallic La.. La.. LaGaspi!  That’s right Soldiers, in addition to being deliciously gorgeous and having supernatural voices, these ladies had excellent taste in choosing Larry LeGaspi to create their otherworldy outfits (and a special shout-out to Nona’s bedazzled makeup!).  It makes complete sense to us “More is More” types though, because what becomes a legend most?  A whole ‘nother legend.  And that’s what we call a KABLAM!


Great Moments in Disco Fashion History: The BeDazzler

This vintage commercial says it all “Don’t be dull, be DAZZLING” (and a special shout out for the disco-tastic red nails!).  One of the most fabulous inventions ever made, the BeDazzler, changed fashion forever  because now, after watching The MIdnight Special , Musikladen and other late night music shows, people at home could finally recreate the sparkling fashions of their favorite Superstars.  This little machine single-handedly took “dazzling on the dancefloor” to a new and exciting level and for that, deserves a brilliant Sparkle Army Salute!





As a follow up to last week’s Sparkle Video (and the first of 2011), today we have the Ohio Players– you guessed it- also on the Midnight Special and also rocking the denim bedazzler look. “Love Rollercoaster” is a classic funk favorite and there’s no other way to look when you’re playing this song than like they do here: Sparkly, Funky and BadAss! Watching this group get down and glitter gets me beyond excited and the splendid addition of old school pop n’ lock dancers makes me wanna scream “F*ck Yeah!”.

I know you are just gagging to ask, “General, what’s your obsession with the Midnight Special?” and I will tell you it’s my comfort food.  You see, when I was just a wee lass, I had terrible insomnia and couldn’t sleep at all. I was born ready and waiting for the day when I would be old enough to party all night, but in the meantime, I had no choice but to stay up very late and watch television.  The weekends were the best because the Midnight Special was on and I got to watch all kinds of fabulous bands, covered in rhinestones and lit with star filters during my innocent formative years.  It truly made it’s mark on me, but then again, perhaps I was already into this stuff and that’s why I watched?  The world may never know.



Today’s Sparkle Video was an easy choice for our last day of 2010 because it’s plea for peace, love and understanding is still relevant.  We should be asking ourselves “What’s Going On?” every day and I implore my fellow Americans, if I may quote Nancy Spungen, to “wake up the f*ck up!”  in 2011.  In this new year, we must reach out to one another, find genuine resolutions to conflict and celebrate the one thing that unites us all- SPARKLES!

This live performance from the Midnight Special is a fabulous example as it showcases Marvin Gaye’s “bedazzler period” which proves that you can still be butch and sparkle. Accomplished through the use of head to toe denim, this look is “manly with a kick” and the addition of metallic platforms is purely top drawer!  On a random note,  I also adore the super smooth dancers in the white outfits, but what’s with the guy in the green suit? Why, why would he dare approach Mr. Gaye during one of the most beautiful songs in history, especially while he is clearly feeling it? And why, why would he fashion himself as the mayor of Emerald City?

anyway….. HAPPY NEW YEAR!



Donna Summer needs absolutely no introduction!  In today’s Sparkle Video she is the definition of Disco Beauty and takes hold of the stage in an EGYPTIAN SPARKLE CATSUIT ensemble that is on fire– especially when she starts to boogie down making use of the right arm flowing fabric/cuff moment! KUDOS!!!!!

Truth be told, it’s rare to find video of Ms. Summers performing in a Sparkle Outfit and I am unsure why. There must be a logical reason because I refuse to believe that she just didn’t like them. No matter, she’ll always be my Queen. Thankfully, I think the Midnight Special had a mandate that all performers wear sparkles so they could make use of their fabulous STARFILTERS! Thank you Midnight Special!

By the way-  the 20 minute version of this song is H-O-T!  Get it, play it.. make out to it!