Today’s Sparkle Video was an easy choice for our last day of 2010 because it’s plea for peace, love and understanding is still relevant.  We should be asking ourselves “What’s Going On?” every day and I implore my fellow Americans, if I may quote Nancy Spungen, to “wake up the f*ck up!”  in 2011.  In this new year, we must reach out to one another, find genuine resolutions to conflict and celebrate the one thing that unites us all- SPARKLES!

This live performance from the Midnight Special is a fabulous example as it showcases Marvin Gaye’s “bedazzler period” which proves that you can still be butch and sparkle. Accomplished through the use of head to toe denim, this look is “manly with a kick” and the addition of metallic platforms is purely top drawer!  On a random note,  I also adore the super smooth dancers in the white outfits, but what’s with the guy in the green suit? Why, why would he dare approach Mr. Gaye during one of the most beautiful songs in history, especially while he is clearly feeling it? And why, why would he fashion himself as the mayor of Emerald City?

anyway….. HAPPY NEW YEAR!