Today’s Sparkle Video features a breathtakingly beautiful Grace Jones on a Montreal TV show from 1977 and is the perfect way to start this rainy day in New York City.  A smooth disco groove like this one and our Miss Jones in a slinky magenta metallic dress accessorized with space cuffs (get some!) is the perfect “pick me up” and all I need (along with a delicious cup o’ joe!) to get me up and on my way.  The flashing lights and crowded dance floor are an added bonus of fabulous and all of it together makes the best breakfast ever!

P.S.  Dear Soldiers:   I must say “Sorry” as I have been unable to devote myself to writing as much as I’d like to due to current circumstances, but very soon I’ll be back to blogging about all of your- and my-  favorite things so stay tuned…


Today’s Sparkle Video takes “dancing-school-fabulous” to the ultimate level.  Here we have the sultry Legs & Co., of Top of The Pops fame, showing off my favorite look while moving and grooving to Chic‘s classic, “Dance, Dance, Dance”.   I love these costumes because not only do they make use of the glorious mutli-sparkle sequin effect, but each one has their own color-way,  just like the Osmonds ( if they were girls! ).  Plus, the added bonus of flouncy feather tails mimicking Vegas showgirls truly brings their dazzle to the most glittering heights of fabulous!  There aren’t not too many jobs that I’d trade being Da General for Soldiers, but this is definitely one of them.


Today’s Sparkle Video is a fabulous fashion time capsule of grand proportion.  The  D.D. Sound is completely surrounded by the “athletic disco” look that was all the rage in 1977, complete with headbands, satin shorts and those old school striped gym socks that everyone loves.  I must admit this clip of “1,2,3,4 Gimme Some More” looks like it could be a commercial for American Apparel,  the clothing line that makes a fortune dressing people like a 70’s porn.  I wonder if the owner, Dov Charney, has ever seen this video because it would be genius to recreate.  And can you imagine the casting sessions?  SIZZLE !




What could be more disco that today’s Sparkle video featuring Patsy Gallant in a shimmering metallic gold outfit, rocking a supreme flip “do” and singing sweetly about her “Sugar Daddy”?’   In fact, I think if you Google “disco”, this clip is what sprouts up as the official definition- especially at 2:00.  That’s when the lusciousness really kicks as the backup dancers, both male and female, enter the stage and it goes disco light crazy!  Now I don’t speak French, but it was 1977, so I’m guessing it’s something like, “‘Oh Sugar Daddy, enough furs, enough diamonds!  Please, truly all I want is to dazzle on the dance floor with you tonight- and lots, lots of champagne… and you’ll pay for it all, my darling lover!”.  Something like that.


Happy New Year Soldiers!  It’s the very first Sparkle Video of 2013 and to celebrate I’ve selected this pizazz filled live footage of Boney M. in concert.  While I love each and every Boney M video out there, this is extra special because instead of the standard TV appearance with prerecorded music, here we get to see them in their full force of FAB-U-LOUS!  Bobby in his glorious cape and the ladies in their sparkling best are backed by an equally dazzling band of musicians.  Seeing them perform all together on this stage has truly brought my love for them to a whole ‘nother level!  This concert is beyond magical and it includes many of the classics such as “Love for Sale”, “Take The Heat Off Me” and the blockbuster smash hit “Daddy Cool”.  We also get to hear some spoken banter to the Viennese audience so it’s in German, which makes it extra hot.  Please can someone just make a time machine already ‘cuz I need to be at this concert right now, up front, dancing my sparkles off pronto!


Today’s Sparkle Video from the Village People employs some of the oldest disco tricks in the book, and no, I’m not talking about the guys in the group!  I’m talking about a steady disco beat accented by a non stop spinning disco ball.  It was also shot on film which adds the loving embrace of a softened resolution which tends to make everyone look fabulous.  Then, add the fact that the boys are looking tip top hot and singing with dazzling passion about that legendary city of “gaydom”, San Francisco.  All of these magical elements are truly the stuff that disco classics are made of!


Today’s Sparkle Video was an easy choice for our last day of 2010 because it’s plea for peace, love and understanding is still relevant.  We should be asking ourselves “What’s Going On?” every day and I implore my fellow Americans, if I may quote Nancy Spungen, to “wake up the f*ck up!”  in 2011.  In this new year, we must reach out to one another, find genuine resolutions to conflict and celebrate the one thing that unites us all- SPARKLES!

This live performance from the Midnight Special is a fabulous example as it showcases Marvin Gaye’s “bedazzler period” which proves that you can still be butch and sparkle. Accomplished through the use of head to toe denim, this look is “manly with a kick” and the addition of metallic platforms is purely top drawer!  On a random note,  I also adore the super smooth dancers in the white outfits, but what’s with the guy in the green suit? Why, why would he dare approach Mr. Gaye during one of the most beautiful songs in history, especially while he is clearly feeling it? And why, why would he fashion himself as the mayor of Emerald City?

anyway….. HAPPY NEW YEAR!



Hold on to your pants ’cause if you don’t, today’s Sparkle Video is gonna knock ’em right off!  The gorgeous Supremes are giving it so hard in this full blown disco meltdown called “Let Yourself Go” that you can’t help but get up and dance.  The pulsating beat combined with the “overtime working” SEQUIN BATWING ARMS has an effect that can only be described as “KABLAM!”.  Wouldn’t it be great to have an alarm clock that played this every morning so you could start each day with SPARKLING FABULOSITY?   The only problem-  the Discos won’t be open for hours.


Baby, Let’s Do The Cocomotion!

Today is all about sharing a favorite and this one is epic!  Nothing else I’ve ever heard can compare to the beautiful complexity of El Coco’s “Cocomotion”.  When you listen to this song, you can taste the champagne and feel THE FABULOSITY OF 1977!

The musical journey begins with a dramatic string intro and then builds every few bars bringing a new layer of instruments to enjoy. I think Disco was so much better when real instruments were played, don’t you agree?  Real drums and snares, real strings, real horns- the roundness of the sounds are so full of life. From the twonky guitars to the glorious horns to the SEXY SPARKLING VOCALS- this is THE ONE that’s playing in Disco Heaven… I just know it!