Happy New Year Soldiers!  It’s the very first Sparkle Video of 2013 and to celebrate I’ve selected this pizazz filled live footage of Boney M. in concert.  While I love each and every Boney M video out there, this is extra special because instead of the standard TV appearance with prerecorded music, here we get to see them in their full force of FAB-U-LOUS!  Bobby in his glorious cape and the ladies in their sparkling best are backed by an equally dazzling band of musicians.  Seeing them perform all together on this stage has truly brought my love for them to a whole ‘nother level!  This concert is beyond magical and it includes many of the classics such as “Love for Sale”, “Take The Heat Off Me” and the blockbuster smash hit “Daddy Cool”.  We also get to hear some spoken banter to the Viennese audience so it’s in German, which makes it extra hot.  Please can someone just make a time machine already ‘cuz I need to be at this concert right now, up front, dancing my sparkles off pronto!