It’s finally Halloween– the absolute best holiday of the year and people have been dressing up and partying for days here in NYC and tonight should be even more spectacular!  Not only will all of the sparkling revelers be out on the town, but ghosts and goblins will also be dancing in the streets and if they’re feeling cheeky enough, give us a dazzling fright or two.   To help get everyone in just the right spirit ( a bit of blood sprinkled with lots of camp! ),  is this trailer for the film, The Disco Exorcist.   I truly never stop being amazed at how adding the word “disco” to anything just makes it so much better and using disco balls as “weapon of death” is something I’ve definitely not encountered before.   Soldiers, I believe in all my heart that discos should always be a  happy place where everyone is welcome to get down on the dance floor under disco balls and laser beams, without fear of a possessed person making their heads explode.  However,  I do find this premise quite entertaining,  especially on All Hallows Eve.

WARNING SOLDIERS: this clip is labeled NSFW and it is!  Please watch at your own discretion!

THE DISCO EXORCIST – RED BAND TRAILER (NSFW) from Wild Eye Releasing on Vimeo.