The most coveted spot on the dance floor has always been under the giant disco ball (Hail Twilo!), but today’s Sparkle Video reminds us that they’re not just for hanging from ceilings.  In this clip of Hot Shot performing “Fire in the Night”, our eyes can’t help but pass them over for the mirrored orb on the floor behind them and try as they might, we know who the real star of this video is!  And it spins magically with gobs of billowing smoke coming from all sides as well as pouring down from the sky.  An excellent touch if you ask me, and a sparkling example of what “More is More” is all about.

The Disco Exorcist

It’s finally Halloween– the absolute best holiday of the year and people have been dressing up and partying for days here in NYC and tonight should be even more spectacular!  Not only will all of the sparkling revelers be out on the town, but ghosts and goblins will also be dancing in the streets and if they’re feeling cheeky enough, give us a dazzling fright or two.   To help get everyone in just the right spirit ( a bit of blood sprinkled with lots of camp! ),  is this trailer for the film, The Disco Exorcist.   I truly never stop being amazed at how adding the word “disco” to anything just makes it so much better and using disco balls as “weapon of death” is something I’ve definitely not encountered before.   Soldiers, I believe in all my heart that discos should always be a  happy place where everyone is welcome to get down on the dance floor under disco balls and laser beams, without fear of a possessed person making their heads explode.  However,  I do find this premise quite entertaining,  especially on All Hallows Eve.

WARNING SOLDIERS: this clip is labeled NSFW and it is!  Please watch at your own discretion!

THE DISCO EXORCIST – RED BAND TRAILER (NSFW) from Wild Eye Releasing on Vimeo.


If a magic spell was cast on confetti which turned it into people, it would be today’s Sparkle Video.  In “I Love Men”, the dazzling Miss Eartha Kitt makes a purringly fabulous entrance onto a stage of flashing lights accented by sparkling floor disco balls.  Here she meets up with her posse of men and together they growl and slink though the crowd and then- KABLAM!  She’s in a bedroom where she becomes the sparkling center of a man sandwich (loves that the one on the left is giving Iggy Pop circa 1977!).  Then, once again she slinks off through the crowd while being showered in glitter while she makes her way back to the stage for a showstopping finale with her gaggle of underwear clad men.   It’s eerily like a dream I once had, however, she was me.


Today’s Sparkle Video is a “mash-up” edit of an extended disco classic married to various Solid Gold countdowns featuring the show’s sexy dancers with fabulous hair and gobs of satin, sequins and glittering pizzazz.   It’s the fashion show of my dreams set to the sparkling sound of “Souvenirs” by Voyage and accented by the swirling light from disco balls.   I want this to run in a loop all day, everyday- then my life would truly be complete.

Flashback Christmas Medleys

Let the celebrations begin!  Well, actually the parties started on December 1st really, however now it’s officially Christmas Eve.  That means it’s time to crack open the champagne, fire up the fire, get the disco ball spinning and put some Flashback Christmas Medleys on the stereo.  These are some of the best holiday disco arrangements I’ve heard and they’re so sparkly sounding that they’ve inspired me to wear full sequins tonight (like I wasn’t going to anyway!).  Wishing all the fabulous Sparkle Soldiers everywhere a dazzlingly magical Holiday!



Today’s Sparkle Video from the Village People employs some of the oldest disco tricks in the book, and no, I’m not talking about the guys in the group!  I’m talking about a steady disco beat accented by a non stop spinning disco ball.  It was also shot on film which adds the loving embrace of a softened resolution which tends to make everyone look fabulous.  Then, add the fact that the boys are looking tip top hot and singing with dazzling passion about that legendary city of “gaydom”, San Francisco.  All of these magical elements are truly the stuff that disco classics are made of!

Disco Palace: APPROVED!

This photo was found on the world wide web by NYC legend Mother Krunk, who knows full well that mirror-tiled anything must be immediately reported to Da General.  This is a fantasy I like to call the Disco Palace because it sparkles in such a blinding way, it’d be dangerous if it wasn’t so darn fabulous!  It’s got everything: a disco unicorn, a sequined princess, I want to live there forever and it’s APPROVED!

Join the Sparkle Army: NOVEMBER 10, 2012!

It’s that time again Soldiers!  In one month I’ll be packing up my sequins, getting on a jet plane and heading straight to Berlin for my favorite night of the year…

Join The Sparkle Army on November 10, 2012 at Monster Ronson’s in fabulous Friedrichshain!

You are all cordially invited to pledge your devotion to the Word of Glitter along with me, Da General, and the dashing Master of Ceremonies, Monster Ronson himself.  Together we’ll be hosting another night of dazzling on the dance floor under disco balls and laser beams and it’s sure to be an extra sparkling night!  The evening kicks off with Berlin’s own Juan of a Kind who’s sure to put you in a party state of mind and special guest and dancing sensation,Jackee Word, is going to show us all how to get down tonight!   A LIVE performance from the The Supermen Lovers is going to blow your mind!  They’re taking their private spaceship all the way the way from Galaxy Francais (that’s France!) just to make you shake your booty so hard, it just might fall off.  But don’t let it- because you’re gonna need it for when DJ Massimiliano Pagliara takes over the decks and spins you into a dancing vortex with an ultra galactic disco set!  All of the most dazzling things in one place, for just one night…  and it’s going to be LEGENDARY!

Oh and did I mention that you should wear sparkles?  Not only because it’s approved, but because we’ll also be giving one lucky soldier a 50 Euro bar tab prize for being the sparkliest spaced out sparkle slut in the joint.  Plus, those who glitter get in free before midnight so be sure to sparkle up so you can party down…  with all of us!

It all happens on that magical date 10-11-12 at 23 Uhr …..  That’s November 10, 2012 at 11pm for my fellow non- europeans!

@ Monster Ronsons
Warschauerstrasse 34

I can’t wait to see you!







I’ve recently realized that I need more Jimmy Bo Horne in my life and and what better time to start than Sparkle Video day.   “You Get Me Hot” is 4 minutes and 5 seconds of pure “I dare you to sit down while you listen to this” funk, which is taken to the max by a room full of ultra cool Soul Train dancers.  So cool, that even though there is nary a sequin in sight on the dance floor, everyone of them sparkles in a wave of brightness that is truly magical.  Then there’s the man, Mr. Horne, who is beaming at us through a mirrored disco ball which is a dazzling vintage effect that I hope comes back into television fashion very soon (I know American Idol could sure use the ratings boost!).  I think I’m going to spend today playing this on a loop because I can’t get enough nor can I sit down because even though it’s only morning, Living Room Disco is in full effect thanks to Jimmy Bo!


Thank God It’s Friday

No- it’s not Friday because everyone knows Friday is Sparkle Video Day!  Today’s post is about last weekend, which I spent at my good friend R. Wayne’s exclusive and rustic summer house in the country.  It’s so nice to leave the cell phones and internet behind and get away to enjoy nature and all that other natural stuff that goes along with it.  However, there’s one thing I refuse to give up no matter where I am and that’s a dance party complete with disco balls and gobs of glitter.  The best part is that these dance parties are old school which means vinyl only, as nothing sounds as great as good old fashioned records.

Back to the point anyway.. last weekend I discovered a treasure among treasures in the record bin- the “Thank God It’s Friday” soundtrack!  I already have the movie in my DVD collection, but seeing and touching this piece of history was like discovering the holy grail.  This album is the perfect example of why vinyl was, and still is, so much better.  First, there’s the album art which includes inner sleeve covers for each of the three discs (2 plus 1 bonus disc!), all covered with various disco-tastic images from the movie.   Then, as a favor to all the DJ’s out there, the BPM for each track is noted for seamless mixing.  This album has so many classics on it such as the self titled theme song by Love and Kisses, Patti Brooks’ legendary “After Dark” and “Last Dance” from our queen, Donna Summer.   However, my new obsession is Sunshine‘s “Take It To The Zoo” , which is one sexified, hypnotic track, especially when they sing, “It’s fridaaay night.. thank GAaawwd”.

Lastly, the best and most dazzling thing about record albums is the additional stuff they used to put inside them and this one had a fabulous but forgotten gem- an order form for official TGIF merchandise!  It’s been laying inside the album since 1978-  a little sparkling time capsule just waiting for Da General to find it, break it free and let if be loved all over again.  Sometimes, I just look at it and touch it.  Other times I go full-blown fantasy and contemplate if I want to order the gold necklace or the satin jack.  Maybe even throw in some disco wrist bands.  Then again, for these prices, I could buy it all and why not?  After all…  More is More!