Disco Commercials: Disco Darci

While it doesn’t feature any disco music or dancing footage, this clip falls under the Disco Commercials category because it features one of the coolest dolls ever- Disco DarciDisco Darci was one hot babe who came dressed in a “silver disco jumpsuit” and included a glittery disco ball and a light-up disco stage with spotlights for added drama.  Educational toys for children have always been important, but this was ultra-fabulous 1979 when teaching children about dazzling on the dance floor was truly top priority.




Holy Disco Balls!

I’m really not sure how something of this sparkling magnitude escaped my knowledge for two whole years, but thanks to Sparkle Soldier R. Wayne, I am now aware and in total awe of artist Michel de Broin’s amazing creation of the world’s largest disco ball.   Made from 1000 mirrors and a dazzling 7.5 meters in diameter, this glorious work of art was created and hung for only one night in the Jardin de Luxembourg for an event called Nuit Blanche.  Oh Parisians, why just one night? It should have stayed up for eternity, but have no fear- when I have my own planet, I’m going to use it to replace the moon.

Portable Party Kit

Have you ever had the experience of being somewhere and all of the sudden some great music comes on and you start to dance but alas, something is missing?  That’s right- there’s no disco ball in sight!  I can tell you it’s happened one too many times for my liking so you can image my delight at finding this portable mirror ball set from flaghouse.com.  The lighting is sold separately, but I’m thinking that bringing along some hand held lasers, Disco Smoke in a Can and an extra large pot of glitter would create a fabulously unstoppable mobile party! It’s especially important to be prepared now that we’ve moved into summer when parties materialize at a moments notice. That’s why I’m putting together my portable party kit right away because I don’t want to be caught off guard when a disco emergency happens and, trust me Soldiers, it will.

Disco Ball Car: APPROVED!

Just look at what’s going on in that parking garage!  All that’s needed is some thumping music, dazzling soldiers, gobs of smoke and laser beams and you’ve got a Sparkle Army party! Sure, I’m still holding out for the DeLorean version, but in the meantime this Smart Car will do because it is 100% Disco-fied and it’s APPROVED!

FACT: This baby was actually made as a prop for the band Apparatjik to be used in a film called Pixel City, but you can also see it in full electric action in this fabulous cross promotional piece for the Smart Car.


Today’s Sparkle Video goes to show you how early we teach our youngsters to love dazzling under disco balls and dressing in sparkle outfits.  Not only that, but Cookie Monster is also teaching them a truly valuable lesson which is that loosing your cookie on the dance floor just happens sometimes.  I mean, who hasn’t gone out wanting to have a happy snappy good time, brought along our favorite cookie, but then got careless and lost it?  The endless wandering around in circles… hopelessly… not realizing that the guy with the devil horns already found it and ate it.  Yeah, you’re never too young to prepare for this kind of stuff.


Today’s Sparkle Video was sent in after Wednesday’s post about Disco Mannequins.  It seems there’s a fetish out there for everything and these glimmering mirror-tiled ladies have their own devotedly decadent pack of male suitors. Not surprising, however, is that the President of the DMLS, or Disco Mannequin Love Society, is non other than Andy Gardiner, half of the superstar duo Den Haan.  I can totally see why he’s into this kink though, because there’s no way in the world a regular ol’ fleshy gal can compete with these exquisitely tall, sleek, perky breasted goddesses that beam and bounce light off their every curve and are gloriously always the “life of the party” (ironic, yes?).  As you can see here in “Magic Carillion”, the singing spandexed Rose is doing a bang-up job performing to a bunch of equally sassy deciples, but it doesn’t really matter because everyone knows the real star is in this video is that spinning sparkling alien behind her.

DMLS: I’m in!

Disco Bathroom: APPROVED!

What’s the most amazing thing about the newest artisanal food shop in NYC, the Donut Plant? If your answer is that “even during a recession people are willing to pay $2.75 for one single donut”- that answer is WRONG.  The right answer is that inside this shop, which by the way, sits under the legendary Chelsea Hotel, is the most awesome Disco Bathroom ever seen! Completely mirrored tiled walls are adorned with delightful spinning disco balls and lit so sparklingly, it can only be described as KABLAM! Sadly, there’s no music pumping or smoke billowing when you flush the toilet, but I left them a note in the suggestion box. In the meantime, I’ve got my iPod and my “Disco Smoke In A Can” so I’ll be back to the Donut Plant because the donuts are delicious and the bathroom is APPROVED!


Disco Ball Shoes: APPROVED!

Can you imagine the power of wearing these shoes, reflecting disco-tastic light from your feet everywhere you go? Having people swarm you like a superstar, wanting only to be by your side because YOU ARE the PARTY?  That is some downright Superhero sh*t to me!  I came across this mystery photo on the internet and all I can say is that I will not rest until I find this pair of “Disco Ball” shoes and make them mine.. MINE… because they are fabulous and they are APPROVED!

Disco Bike: KABLAM!

I expected to see a lot of interesting and creative things last weekend at the Maker Faire in Queens NY, but never in my wildest imagination did I expect this! The Sparkle Army spirit is alive and well and living on a high-bike owned by a guy named Justin.  I originally saw him ride by in the the daylight and was excited to a see a completely mirror-tiled bicycle, but it wasn’t until the sun went down that I got the whole dazzling story.  Luckily, I was armed with a video camera because words just cannot describe!

Justin’s Disco Bike features:

  • glorious decorative disco ball mirror-tiling
  • ipod doc with additional booming amplifier
  • flashing colored disco lights
  • a microphone for busting a freestyle or karoake on the go
  • bottle/beverage holders
  • a camera for capturing special moments

This is a man who truly knows what he likes and has created a SHOW-STOPPING PARTY ON WHEELS and all I can say is: RESPECT! What’s even more fabulous is that he’s not finished, as you can hear through my unofficial voiceover interview with Justin.  He explains his next step is a projector that will shoot images downward onto the ground as he rides- pretty cool!  Of course, I had to ask about a smoke machine, which it does not have… yet.  I hope that’s next on the list-  whaddya say Justin?



With so much to do before Join The Sparkle Army at Monster Ronson’s tomorrow night, I almost forgot it’s Sparkle Video Day!  ALMOST. Don’ t worry though- Da General would never do that to you.

This Doris D & The Pins video is one of my favorites and is a classic in every way- the music, the outfits, the gobs of smoke. In fact, with all the disco balls strewn about, it looks like Ronson’s right now- except that we have more GLITTER, SPARKLES and LASER BEAMS!

Come see for yourself tomorrow night, September 11th… and wear your dancing shoes because this party goes on all night long and remember…. MORE IS MORE!