Today’s Sparkle Video was sent in after Wednesday’s post about Disco Mannequins.  It seems there’s a fetish out there for everything and these glimmering mirror-tiled ladies have their own devotedly decadent pack of male suitors. Not surprising, however, is that the President of the DMLS, or Disco Mannequin Love Society, is non other than Andy Gardiner, half of the superstar duo Den Haan.  I can totally see why he’s into this kink though, because there’s no way in the world a regular ol’ fleshy gal can compete with these exquisitely tall, sleek, perky breasted goddesses that beam and bounce light off their every curve and are gloriously always the “life of the party” (ironic, yes?).  As you can see here in “Magic Carillion”, the singing spandexed Rose is doing a bang-up job performing to a bunch of equally sassy deciples, but it doesn’t really matter because everyone knows the real star is in this video is that spinning sparkling alien behind her.

DMLS: I’m in!