What’s the most amazing thing about the newest artisanal food shop in NYC, the Donut Plant? If your answer is that “even during a recession people are willing to pay $2.75 for one single donut”- that answer is WRONG.  The right answer is that inside this shop, which by the way, sits under the legendary Chelsea Hotel, is the most awesome Disco Bathroom ever seen! Completely mirrored tiled walls are adorned with delightful spinning disco balls and lit so sparklingly, it can only be described as KABLAM! Sadly, there’s no music pumping or smoke billowing when you flush the toilet, but I left them a note in the suggestion box. In the meantime, I’ve got my iPod and my “Disco Smoke In A Can” so I’ll be back to the Donut Plant because the donuts are delicious and the bathroom is APPROVED!