Today’s Sparkle Video is an extravaganza of everything important in the world: great music, sexy sparkle outfits and endless amounts of disco smoke.  This montage of dancer Gina Montes is from the Mexican television show “La Carabina de Ambrosio”, a variety show that ran from 1978-1987.  While we are used to seeing scantily clad women bumping and grinding for our pleasure in 2011, back then this was new and very risky for the largely conservative viewership. However, as always, once the people got a taste of Gina’s sequin and smoke onslaught they were hooked!  Bringing it to a whole ‘nother level is the “Tema de La Carabina Ambrosio” composed by space disco legend Quartz which truly makes Humberto Navarro, the creator and producer of the show, an all-out genius (and Sparkle Army Hero).  While this clip is a bit long, you’ll want to hang in there because you don’t want to miss Gina’s dazzlingly hot Wonder Woman moment!