Today’s Sparkle Video is an excerpt from a very short-lived variety show from 1980 called “Pink Lady & Jeff” Jeff Altman was the comedian part of the team and Pink Lady was the famous Japanese singing duo, known for their disco hit “Kiss in the Dark”.   What’s really weird is that all of the information online refers to this show as the “worst show ever made”, but I strongly disagree.  One look at this clip where Mie and Kei are performing a song called “Monster”, while dressed in LeGaspi-esque  costumes complete with sparkle accents and space cuffs (get some!) and the most disco-smokiest entrance known to man, is one of the most amazing showbiz moments I’ve ever seen.  And just think Soldiers- there were only five episodes made of this magical splendor, but there could have been so many more!  I guess people were just not ready for this kind of fabulous on TV, because that’s the only thing that explains it.


Today’s Sparkle Video starts and ends a bit choppy, but all that really matters is what’s in between anyway.   This classic disco medley is from a 70’s variety show featuring The Carpenters and guests surrounded by dancers clad in dazzling outfits embellished with mirror tiles. I think this was supposed to be a take on outer space or possibly a futuristic concept judging by the addition of the two “white” guys grooving at tables in the back.  An interesting touch I might add.



I’m sorry to bring it up again, but today’s Sparkle Video has me longing for the days when men dressed for the art of seductionTom Jones has enjoyed a long career as a sex symbol and it’s not due to some form of wizardry or amazing talent.  He owes it all to his swagger, confidence and well chosen outfits that allowed his millions of lust-filled fans to visualize him naked.  In fact, I’m willing to bet that no one ever asked “How’s it hangin’ Tom?”, because he always made it quite clear and that’s exactly the kind of men we need today.  No more shirts buttoned all the way up, no more knit hats and beards that hide “come hither” facial expressions and certainly no more of this attitude that the company of a lovely sequined lady is something that comes with no effort whatsoever.  Which brings me to the other bet I’m willing to make and that’s after this show, Tom was back in his dressing room in a sparkling huddle with all of his gorgeous dancers and their equally fabulous hair-  and I’m pretty sure I’d win.







I chose today’s Sparkle Video because I’ve been taking German lessons and well, sadly, I still don’t understand a word they’re singing.  However, any time you get a couple of people to dress like angels with devil horns in skimpy bedazzled outfits and punk rock hair- I’m in.  The quasi-disco track and bouncing balloons just add more to the fun and though I have no idea what’s going on…I like it!



Today’s Sparkle Video is an extravaganza of everything important in the world: great music, sexy sparkle outfits and endless amounts of disco smoke.  This montage of dancer Gina Montes is from the Mexican television show “La Carabina de Ambrosio”, a variety show that ran from 1978-1987.  While we are used to seeing scantily clad women bumping and grinding for our pleasure in 2011, back then this was new and very risky for the largely conservative viewership. However, as always, once the people got a taste of Gina’s sequin and smoke onslaught they were hooked!  Bringing it to a whole ‘nother level is the “Tema de La Carabina Ambrosio” composed by space disco legend Quartz which truly makes Humberto Navarro, the creator and producer of the show, an all-out genius (and Sparkle Army Hero).  While this clip is a bit long, you’ll want to hang in there because you don’t want to miss Gina’s dazzlingly hot Wonder Woman moment!


Mitzi Gaynor Razzle Dazzle!

I finally got to see “Mitzi Gaynor Razzle Dazzle!: The Special Years” the other night and my long wait did not disappoint because it’s filled with snappy musical numbers, lots of dancing men and so many sequins and rhinestones it’s almost blinding!  Starring the gorgeous Mitzi Gaynor, this movie is a must for anyone who enjoys the simpler times of the late 60’s and 70’s when it was okay to light up a cigarette, drink a highball and enjoy show-stopping production numbers.  Mitzi is a fierce triple threat (actress, singer, dancer) who does it all to perfection and what’s showcased in this film is the television specials that spanned 10 years featuring luxurious costumes from Bob Mackie and an arsenal of long and lush false eyelashes.  All of her fabulosity was smartly lit for maximum sparkle and filmed with the magical star filter for extra wow, extra KABLAM!

Mitzi Gaynor: Glittering Perfection and Sparkle Army Hero!

Bob Mackie

Bob Mackie, one of the most famous American designers of all time, seems to see life as one big sparkling universe where high glamour should prevail above all.  His overtime-working-bedazzler has contributed to the superstardom of the most famous women in showbiz including Sparkle Army faves Raquel Welch, Cher, Diana Ross and Charo.  In fact, you’d be hard pressed to find a movie or tv show that he didn’t have a hand in during the 70’s and 80’s, when sequins and starfilters were an everyday part of life. That’s right- if it sparkled, you could bet your life it was a “Mackie”!  Still in demand for his dazzling costumes, he’s most recently been glitzing up pop stars like Pink and Katy Perry- and let’s not forget the world famous, Barbie, who’s been wearing custom “Mackie’s” for years now. Did I mention costuming for stage, film, TV and the spectacular Las Vegas showgirls or designing a ready-to-wear fashion line?  There is nothing his magical hands have not touched!

Ever since I was a little girl, Bob Mackie represented the world as I hoped and dreamed it would be when I grew up. A world filled with glitter, sequins and rhinestones and a world where everyone is more beautiful because they sparkle.  Thank you, Mr. Mackie.

Bob Mackie: Legendary Dazzle Master and Sparkle Army Hero!

photos from the book  “Unmistakably Mackie” by Frank DeCaro



To celebrate the long 4th of July weekend, today’s Sparkle Video is a slice of Americana on DAZZLE OVERLOAD! Back in the 70’s, variety shows exploding with sequins were the norm and everyone in showbiz had one.  Our favorite blended family, The Brady Bunch, was no exception and in this clip, are working SPARKLE OVERTIME in a medley of disco classics!

There is so much to see in this video- a bevy of dancers in sherbet colored GLITTER AFROS, “fake” Jan belting out “Turn the Beat Around”  and my personal fave, Greg Brady’s stiff whitewashed version of the Jacksons’ “Enjoy Yourself”.  There’s even cameo from the “What’s Happening” gang featuring top notch dance moves from Fred “Rerun” Berry!  All of this in a flurry of RHINESTONE MADNESS!

With the set, the costumes, the STARFILTERS– all so fabulous, it really makes me believe those Brady “behind the scenes” rumors must be true!