I’m sorry to bring it up again, but today’s Sparkle Video has me longing for the days when men dressed for the art of seductionTom Jones has enjoyed a long career as a sex symbol and it’s not due to some form of wizardry or amazing talent.  He owes it all to his swagger, confidence and well chosen outfits that allowed his millions of lust-filled fans to visualize him naked.  In fact, I’m willing to bet that no one ever asked “How’s it hangin’ Tom?”, because he always made it quite clear and that’s exactly the kind of men we need today.  No more shirts buttoned all the way up, no more knit hats and beards that hide “come hither” facial expressions and certainly no more of this attitude that the company of a lovely sequined lady is something that comes with no effort whatsoever.  Which brings me to the other bet I’m willing to make and that’s after this show, Tom was back in his dressing room in a sparkling huddle with all of his gorgeous dancers and their equally fabulous hair-  and I’m pretty sure I’d win.