There’s no better way to celebrate the reformation of the Army of Lovers than by making them today’s Sparkle Video.  This clip is especially hypnotic as it’s a remix of the epic  “Crucified” with dazzling Sound Factory Flava”.   I’m into it Soldiers!  They look just as fabulous as ever, especially Jeane-Pierre and his flowing locks – but it’s always been about him anyway, hasn’t it?  They’ve made some appearances in 2013 and I truly hope they are planning a world tour soon as I would like to meet with them and discuss the idea of joining forces to become the Sparkle Army of Lovers.  While their mission may seem slightly different than ours, “fighting hatred and intolerance everywhere until everybody on the planet can have sex with everybody else all of the time”, it’s really not.  If you add “sparkling from head to toe while dancing under disco balls and laser beams”,  it would be one glitteringly huge  show-stopping force.