Every day we’re bombarded with more bad news by the media and quite frankly, I think these “Debbie Downers” should get out of the news industry altogether.  Didn’t they have friends growing up?  Why can’t they report on something we’re gagging to know about- like these FAB Sparkle Tanks at Express!  Now, Da General does not officially endorse brands, however, Express does get recognition for staying strong on Sparkle Wear for at least 3 years now.  Whenever I feel like I need a new bit of DAZZLE in my wardrobe, I pop in to have a look and there is always something to make my eyes gleam- whether it’s a t-shirt smothered in sequins or a rhinestone encrusted jacket.

With all the outdoor parties happening this summer- you NEED Sparkle Tanks because when the sun goes down and the lasers come out- you’ll want to be the Superstar.  Another reason- they are APPROVED!

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