This Sparkle Video Day is ultra special because it’s being posted from our very own blog! I must confess I’m still learning how the “blog scene” works- but I didn’t want to waste any precious time we could be SPARKLING TOGETHER over a silly thing like computer technology… am I right?

Today’s video- one word: KABLAM!  I don’t know what this director is ON, but give me some please!  A magical lady warrior flying around shooting lasers from her eyes while she brings to life SPACED OUT SPARKLE SLUTS who robot dance?  Da General’s in love!  This is pure DAZZLE OVERLOAD at its best and on a fashion note- check out the guy in the silver wearing SPACE CUFFS!  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again- GET SOME!

Now, I don’t know who Tommy Sparks is, and I sure as hell don’t know why he doesn’t call himself Tommy Sparkles (are you listening Tommy?), but he is IN, IN, IN The Sparkle Army!


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