It’s Wednesday and you know what that means…. it’s almost Friday!  In order to keep my Soldiers looking their Sparkling Best, I am posting this makeup tutorial from Richie Nickel who’s youtube channel, “What Style is to Nickel” has over 65,000  subscribers. The adorable Richie does this this world a huge service by educating people on how to push their looks to gorgeous extremes and this tutorial is my favorite because it’s pure SPARKLE MAYHEM! That’s right… when it comes to beauty, Richie knows that “MORE IS MORE”!

Another thing I love about about this makeup lesson is that it’s almost in “real time”.  That means you can accomplish this dazzling look in about 15 minutes depending on your current skills and supplies. I’m pretty sure you all have glitter and diamonds strewn about your home so get started now- … it’s almost Friday!