Michael Jackson and the entire Jackson family have never been strangers to fabulous sparkle outfits, but today’s Sparkle Video shows MJ at his most dazzle-tastic. From his glittering silver boots to his gem-encrusted striped pants that accentuate his every move, to his matching sparkling top.  He’s truly a sight to behold!  This vision is made even more fantastic by the green laser beams dancing behind him, adding magical shapes and shadows to this performance of “Rock With You” and makes this timeless classic even more unforgettable.



What a slow start on the day that this “blizzard” has caused, but nothing that could keep me from posting today’s Sparkle Video because of one fabulous word: space.  Yes, this clip had me smitten right from the very beginning with its sparkling space vehicle flanked by two strumming spacemen who are playing a somewhat Spanish sounding song.  That is, until Miss Mistral shows up in her glam-tastic silver space suit and delightful glitter makeup and begins singing about a mystical and dreamy flight on “Starship 109.”  One can truly only hope that this is what space travel is going to be like- smooth sultry, sexy people all flying together into new frontiers.  Sounds a lot like the adventures coming our way in 2014, which reminds me Soldiers… Happy New Year!



Today’s Sparkle Video is one of my all-time favorite songs and this clip of Raw Silk performing in the height of 80’s disco fashion is truly a rare sparkling diamond!  I also chose this because we are fast approaching the most fabulous holiday of the year when everyone casts aside their inhibitions (those who have some anyway) and dazzles from head to toe with reckless abandon. However, to be honest, I can’t be sure this was a Top of The Pops Halloween special, or “fancy-dress party as the Brits like to call it,  because it was 1982 and seeing a dance floor filled with supercharged freak-a-zoids was normal back then.   Longing for a time machine anyone?



Get ready because today’s Sparkle Video is gonna take you there!  And by “there”,  I mean KABLAM!   Witness Rick James and band “Throw Down” in the most dazzling way possible, which is by looking like glamorous spaced-out-sparkle-sluts.   I really can’t say it enough Soldiers, but this is exactly how superstars are supposed to look.  Spandex, metallics, sequins and glitter are all holding court on that stage, including the background singers who are rocking “dancing-school fabulous” accented with cheek contour for days.   It’s true perfection indeed, but then top it off with gobs of billowing smoke and there you have it:  KABLAM!


If a magic spell was cast on confetti which turned it into people, it would be today’s Sparkle Video.  In “I Love Men”, the dazzling Miss Eartha Kitt makes a purringly fabulous entrance onto a stage of flashing lights accented by sparkling floor disco balls.  Here she meets up with her posse of men and together they growl and slink though the crowd and then- KABLAM!  She’s in a bedroom where she becomes the sparkling center of a man sandwich (loves that the one on the left is giving Iggy Pop circa 1977!).  Then, once again she slinks off through the crowd while being showered in glitter while she makes her way back to the stage for a showstopping finale with her gaggle of underwear clad men.   It’s eerily like a dream I once had, however, she was me.


Dearest Soldiers,

A hearty apology for getting today’s Sparkle Video posted so late.  Due to an emergency, I got a bit sidetracked as one can.  However, as always,  I have promised to never, ever let a sparkling Friday go by without a dazzling clip!  So here we have the luminous Miss Kate and Miss Cindy from one of my all-time favorite groups, The B-52’s in various assortments of glitter and sequins, shaking and grooving in a way that always makes me smile.  I hope it does for you too!


Today’s Sparkle video is so jam packed with dazzle you’re going to need sunglasses!   I chose “Just For You” because I want to make up for the fact that lately, I’ve been unable to post about all the fascinating things I usually do because of extra demands on my time.  However, as you know Soldiers, Da General is truly devoted to delivering Friday Sparkle Videos no matter what.  My apologies go out to all of you gagging for the next installment of Great Moments in Disco Fashion History and I hope to be back on track very soon.  In the meantime, enjoy this masterpiece of sparkle fabulosity-  but seriously, could we expect anything less from a group called The Glitter Band?  I think not.


It’s Sparkle Video day once again and today’s clip has me swimming in sparkle covered nostalgia.  I’m a fan of Shalamar everything as they take me instantly back to my youth but this song in particular has always been my favorite.  Perhaps “Second Time Around” is so special because it’s got the catchiest of melodies alongside the sweetest message to stop holding back and just give love another try.   Also, there’s no denying its fabulous “sing-a long factor” as my neighbors can surely attest to.  Then you take all of these musical facts and add the visuals of Shalamar (featuring the gorgeous Jody Watley) covered in mirror tiles and sequins accentuated by glorious star filters.  The whole presentation is so blindingly spectacular and the most perfect way to start a dazzling friday!

Heels Dot Com

SOLDIERS: I have found the One-Stop-Shop for sparkle shoes!   Whether you’re a Disco Queen, Glam Rock Star or Magical Princess, you’re sure to find a pair (or twenty!) of dazzlers you simply must have at   I did searches for all my favorite colors- “glitter”, “sequins” and “crystals”, and each time more and more fabulous styles came up.  Also to my delight, they have many styles in glorious Multi-Sparkle and so amazingly affordable, I can treat myself to a few or maybe even all of them!   To give you an idea, these are just a few selections from their website- which I now call “The Multi-Sparkle Motherload”.   I wonder if they’d consider changing their name?

Disco Deodorant: APPROVED!


Marketing is everything as we can see here from this disco-tastic Degree Deodorant packaging.  I went to the store to grab my longtime favorite product that I was totally devoted to, when I caught a glimpse of this.  In fact, it was calling to me from the shelf saying, “Hey General, I’m a Sparkle Soldier too!  I’ve got a disco ball, a glitter cap and I’ll protect you all night on the dance floor… for up to 24 hours!”.  Well, there was no way that I wasn’t going to take that challenge, Soldiers!  Especially now, because the season’s outdoor dance parties are about to kick in and having this kind of encouragement, support and devotion is 100% APPROVED!