Ash Kumar Bollywood Glitters

Say yes, yes, yes to Ash Kumar Bollwoood Glitters for your next henna tattoo design.  I was recently thinking about getting one and now that I know I can turn it all the way up “Dazzle”- it’s a done deal.  I also love that there’s a full bridal kit available, which makes me wonder why all brides don’t want to be fabulous.  Seriously ladies, it’s time to ditch the white dresses that are such a lie anyway, and start sparkling!

History of Glitter

I was truly planning to write one of my sparklingly entertaining posts today, but then something fabulous came up and I just couldn’t say no (you’ll forgive me right, Soldiers?).  Instead, for your enjoyment, is this equally fascinating video about the History of Glitter which is something all Sparkle Soldiers should know about anyway.  Thanks Etsy!


POPbeauty Nail Polish: APPROVED!

As you all know Soldiers, for the past few months I have been obsessed with Japanese 3D manicures which culminated in the O.T.T. gem nails I wore to the Sparkle Army party last month (right photo).  I now have amassed so many supplies for making nails that I’ve vowed never again to go to a party in bare, unsightly natural nails because only fabulous “pressed-on” glamour will do for me!  Sometimes, however, I don’t always have a week’s time to prepare a fully fantastical set, so it’s always a good option to have various glitter nail polishes on hand.  This way, if I need to work out something quickly in order to hit the disco on time, I can.

Last friday was such a day.  I knew I was going dancing, but also knew I didn’t have much time so thought it would be a great idea to nab some new sparkling nail polish to add to my collection.  I looked around for a bit and most lines had one or two glitter options, but then I turned the corner and KABLAM!  Popbeauty hit me with a full line of not only glitter nails polishes, but many of them in glorious multi-sparkle variations which is always my favorite way to go.  Being of the “More is More” mindset, I chose “Confetti Glitz” which has bits of silver, pink & fuchsia large style glitter.  My reasoning was knowing I had only about an hour to do the whole manicure, this would give me maximum impact quickly (always think ahead Soldiers!).  The final result?  Fast, fabulous and dance floor ready in under an hour!

POPbeauty nail polish: they sparkle, they’re “multi” and they are APPROVED!

Leopard Sparkle Kicks: APPROVED!

I just adore these “kicks” from Lulu because they remind me so much of myself.  In fact, it’s almost like they were custom made for me, except that anyone can buy them.  Seriously though, if ever there was a shoe that screamed, “I like both kinds of music, rock n’ roll and disco!” these are them because they’re leopard, they sparkle and they’re APPROVED!

Sparkle Ashtray Key Chains: APPROVED!

It never ceases to amaze me how adding glitter to an object I could care less about turns it into something I can’t live without.  Just look at these adorable portable Sparkle Ashtrays I picked up in Iowa (of all places!) which also happen to be Key Chains.  Fascinating isn’t it? Especially because I don’t smoke, however the idea of having this number handy for my friends that do smoke seems so fabulous.  Picture this- you’re at a party and someone is searching madly for an ashtray before they make a mess on the light-up dance floor and then KABLAM!  I whip out this baby, to the delight of my audience, and am at your service!  Yes Soldiers, good manners are very important and I think that adding this dazzling item to my repertoire of charm is priceless because it not only catches those unsightly ashes, but it sparkles, it carries keys and it’s APPROVED!



Wow! Being up in the mountains and dealing with high altitudes almost made me forget what day it is but honestly, that could never really happen Soldiers! Especially because there’s just one word for today’s Sparkle Video and that is: irresistable. Shalamar’s song “Second Time Around” is almost a little too sweet, but with it’s silky danceable groove it’s hard not to fall hopelessly in love with him.. I mean it.  Now let’s talk outfits. HOLLA mirror- tile rhinestone combo!  There are so many magical flashes jumping out at us thanks to this dazzling choice and those glorious star filters that one could almost go blind.  “More is More ” is definitely in place, but just to really drive it home they added glitterized hair – a move that always screams BRAVO!

Purple Glitter Toilet Seat: APPROVED!

Just when I think I’ve sparkle*ized everything in my life, something new and exciting is brought to my attention.  I actually never thought about this particular detail before because I don’t like to address such unglamorous topics, but now that I’ve seen this Purple Glitter Toilet Seat, I can’t go on without it.  The thought of turning my most private moments into a dazzling good time is truly intoxicating and once I get my custom version with the SA logo under the lid – KABLAM!  All of my guests will get the most fabulous thrill because it’s purple, it sparkles and it’s APPROVED!

photo from


Today’s Sparkle Video is so very special because it proudly displays our love for rock n’ roll by taking two hot blondes, covering them in glitter and rhinestones and setting them loose in the wonder world of Musikladen.  I’m not sure how Led Zeppelin felt about this version of “Whole Lotta Love”, and I’m not sure either, but who cares because it’s all about the outfits.  What hasn’t Blonde on Blonde incorporated here?  There’s sequin tube tops (yes), spandex pants (love), all visible flesh jam packed with glitter (fabulous) topped off with suit jackets bedazzled with sparkling stars and adorable blue guitars (j’adore).  Perhaps they should have called themselves More is More instead!

The Fabulous Sylvester

I recently received my copy of “The Fabulous Sylvester” and as expected, it’s a marvelously entertaining read chock full of not only glitter and sequins, but of fascinating stories from the many people who knew him.  It seems that from the very start of his life, Sylvester knew exactly who he was and had no time for those that didn’t accept him as is. Right now, I’m on the section about his time living in San Francisco and performing with The Cockettes, the infamous commune and performance group that loved to dress in drag and sing show tunes but pretty soon, I’ll be moving on to “Disco Superstar” territory!  Of course, the end of this story is no secret:  a beautiful bedazzled angel of song who was put on earth to bring light, love and fabulous entrances to the masses is taken from us too soon.  Just remember that we continue to pay homage to him each time we step on that light-up floor and dance like there’s no tomorrow so we must do it as much as possible.  I’m also hoping that  “Mighty Real”, the documentary about Sylvester, will be available in the very near future because this trailer has me gagging to see it!

Kitty Glitter Slot Machine: APPROVED!

This amazing vision was spotted in Las Vegas by devoted Sparkle Soldier Aaron while he was on one of those drunken weekend trips he likes to go on every weekend.  Luckily for us, all those cocktails didn’t get in the way of his sharp dazzle-scope eyes and now we have proof that Vegas is still a worth while trip even though the Liberace Museum is closed.  Knowing that two of my favorite things, kitties and glitter, have been immortalized in this electronic deity has me planning for retirement early.  I can’t think of a better way to lose gobs and gobs of hard earned money than playing the Kitty Glitter Slot Machine because it purrs, it sparkles and it is APPROVED!