Today’s Sparkle Video is a request by Dave Danger, a big fan of Gary Glitter and an even bigger fan of fabulous entrances. Anyone who descends from the sky riding a smoking, fire-breathing dragon is okay in my book, especially if he’s in a silver metallic outfit that includes a slinky matching vest, chunky heels and topped off with his trademark oversized shoulders. Papa Ooo Mow Mow!


Holy Sparkle Eyes!

As you know, it’s my duty to keep up on all things fabulous and last night’s visit to Sephora did not disappoint as you can see from my disco-tastic “70’s meets 2011” look in the photos.  I’m wearing two of the products I scored and the first item is the Sephora Baked Eyeshadow Trio in “Dusk Til Dawn No. 4”. This lovely compact houses three of my favorite shades: dark plum, soft pink and luscious violet – all with varying shimmers and sparkles which can be also be used wet for more intensity.  By the way, top honors go out to the Sephora team for their constant effort to keep the Sparkle Army flag flying high and I’m always impressed with their devotion.  The second product in the photo, Illamasqua Eyeliner in “Alchemy”, is one of the most amazing glitter products I have ever seen.  The color is the brightest yellow gold and its gleaming sparkles are so dazzling, I’m sure it can be seen all the way from Uranus!

One night + two products = endless fabulosity!

German Sparkle Party!

No, it’s not Friday, but I just saw this today and had to share it immediately! Although first, I need to clarify something: there was no such thing as a “German Sparkle Party” until Da General brought the troops to Monster Ronson’s back in March 2009 for the very first Join the Sparkle Army party.  Now while I suspect The Something Experience is making a bit of a joke here, I love this video and it makes me smile a lot, but it also makes me wonder if they know about the Sparkle Army because our party is amazingly similar. Maybe they’ve been to it? Maybe they want to come to it?  It just seems a little too coincidental.. am I right?



An awesome thing happened this week.  Two new, equally sparkle-tastic videos were posted online and there was no way to choose which one would be today’s Sparkle Video. Since everyone knows that more is more, I’m featuring both!

“And We Danced” is a delightful treat mixed and produced by musical genius Sare Havlicek.  This track from Xequtifz features the vocals of gorgeous and talented Hannah Mancini who turns out so much joy in multiple sparkle outfits (HOLLA HANNAH!).  Intoxicating happiness will overwhelm you and the “giddies”  will attack when a rainbow of dancers in colorful spandex make the scene and once those gigantic bows come out- it’s ALL OVER and a party of fabulous proportion ensues!


Crystal Ark’s “The City That Never Sleeps” was directed by none other than Sparkle Army Heroes, The Dazzle Dancers.  Anything they touch is pure sparkle gold and this is no exception!  I’m not sure if I got the translation right, but what I see is sex kitten Viva Ruiz and synth whiz Gavin Rossum doing any righteous New Yorker’s duty by helping all night partiers find the fiercest, most “going-on” after party in town.  This is absolutely the track I’d wanna hear on this dance floor filled with flashing lights, laser beams and sparkling magic horsies, monkeys and other shimmering creatures. The answer is “YES! I want some of whatever it is they’ve  got!


Today’s Sparkle Video is a tribute to how cool childrens’ television used to be. “Kaptain Kool and the Kongs” was a delicious Glam Rock n’ Glitter treat every Saturday morning that I’m pretty sure contributed to my overall outlook on life. Teaching kids important stuff like how to rock out in rhinestones and sparkles is something we don’t see enough of today and we need to bring that back PRONTO! If not, we are destined to face generations of very unsparkly and unfabulous people and I don’t want to live in a world like that- do you?


Glitter King of Berlin

Dear Michael, Glitter King of Berlin,

I love the way you cover everything with glitter and rhinestones and that no item is too big or too small for your Rad Sparkle-izations.  I love your extreme rock n’ roll style, but your Devotion to Dazzle tells me that you can probably shake your ass on the dance floor, especially under hundreds of disco balls and laser beams.  I love that you perform a LADY GLITTER SHOW where you explode glitter cannons all over half naked bodies.  I love that you employ “Glitter Artists” and that you’ve devoted your life to making everything more beautiful with SPARKLES! I especially love that you are located in Berlin, because I’m coming back soon and when I do.. you and I will join forces, drink lots of sparkly cocktails and glitterize the world!

Yours Truly,
Da General
P.S. Did I mention that the Sparkle Army likes both kinds of music- Rock n’ Roll and Disco?

check out more cool glitter stuff at:


With the recent anniversary of Freddie Mercury’s passing on November 24, it seems only fitting that today’s Sparkle Video be devoted to him.  Initially, I was leaning towards the sadly sweet tributes of his life, but then I checked myself and realized that Freddie would want no such thing.  Our Patron Saint, who lived life so fabulously, would surely insist on laughter, champagne and SPARKLES!

“Living on My Own” is a testament to Freddie’s life of fabulosity because it’s real footage from the Black and White party Freddie had for his 39th birthday and real party with real friends means real fun! Also, check out the accompanying video, which tells more of this story and how additional footage of Freddie singing was shot another day and edited in.  My favorite tidbit- that Freddie was at the edit session to make sure all of his friends got into the video!  Just one more reason to love him.



Christian Siriano Joins the Sparkle Army!

Fashion designer Christian Siriano declared his membership in the Sparkle Army loud and proud in yesterday’s AM newspaper.  Okay so, he didn’t actually say those words, but we know what it means when the first thing that comes to one’s mind on Thanksgiving is “sequins and glitter”! Siriano, who was the lovable winner of Project Runway Season 4, won hearts with his quirky hair style, creative designs, unending self confidence, and for singlehandedly bringing back the word “Fierce”.

Happy Thanksgiving to Christian and to Sparkle Soldiers everywhere!


What a treasure today’s Sparkle Video is!  The Nolans are five lovely ladies at the height of disco fashion singing about our favorite past time: DANCING! All dressed alike in sparkle tops, spandex and variations of fabulous feathered hair- they’re like a DANCE FLOOR GANG coming for your soul. Sure they seem wholesome at first, but then they sneak up on you with sultry dance moves and colorful flashing lights and the next thing you know, you’re grabbing your blowdryer, hairspray and glitter and making yourself up like a sexy 70’s Disco-Tart.  Or is that just me?