With the recent anniversary of Freddie Mercury’s passing on November 24, it seems only fitting that today’s Sparkle Video be devoted to him.  Initially, I was leaning towards the sadly sweet tributes of his life, but then I checked myself and realized that Freddie would want no such thing.  Our Patron Saint, who lived life so fabulously, would surely insist on laughter, champagne and SPARKLES!

“Living on My Own” is a testament to Freddie’s life of fabulosity because it’s real footage from the Black and White party Freddie had for his 39th birthday and real party with real friends means real fun! Also, check out the accompanying video, which tells more of this story and how additional footage of Freddie singing was shot another day and edited in.  My favorite tidbit- that Freddie was at the edit session to make sure all of his friends got into the video!  Just one more reason to love him.