Dear Michael, Glitter King of Berlin,

I love the way you cover everything with glitter and rhinestones and that no item is too big or too small for your Rad Sparkle-izations.  I love your extreme rock n’ roll style, but your Devotion to Dazzle tells me that you can probably shake your ass on the dance floor, especially under hundreds of disco balls and laser beams.  I love that you perform a LADY GLITTER SHOW where you explode glitter cannons all over half naked bodies.  I love that you employ “Glitter Artists” and that you’ve devoted your life to making everything more beautiful with SPARKLES! I especially love that you are located in Berlin, because I’m coming back soon and when I do.. you and I will join forces, drink lots of sparkly cocktails and glitterize the world!

Yours Truly,
Da General
P.S. Did I mention that the Sparkle Army likes both kinds of music- Rock n’ Roll and Disco?

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