It never ceases to amaze me how adding glitter to an object I could care less about turns it into something I can’t live without.  Just look at these adorable portable Sparkle Ashtrays I picked up in Iowa (of all places!) which also happen to be Key Chains.  Fascinating isn’t it? Especially because I don’t smoke, however the idea of having this number handy for my friends that do smoke seems so fabulous.  Picture this- you’re at a party and someone is searching madly for an ashtray before they make a mess on the light-up dance floor and then KABLAM!  I whip out this baby, to the delight of my audience, and am at your service!  Yes Soldiers, good manners are very important and I think that adding this dazzling item to my repertoire of charm is priceless because it not only catches those unsightly ashes, but it sparkles, it carries keys and it’s APPROVED!