Never has travel in outer space been as fascinating as in today’s Sparkle Video.  DÖF creates a very unique take on aliens with “Codo”, and while my German is still pretty spotty, it seems to be about a planet with no love and no fun.  Clearly somewhere no one would ever want to go except that they have fabulous outfits.  Even Da General can put up with a little “no fun” if I am able to fly around in a shimmering blue cape ensemble or chiffon-esque princess gown– but then again, that would make it fun!  Also, I must confess that the guy in the plastic bag who’s fashion is so dangerously suicidal makes me a little uneasy.   Can it be that no one ever told him that his bag was not a toy, or is he literally bored to death and no longer cares about living?   Either way Soldiers, make sure to avoid his situation by having maximum fun coated with maximum sparkle at all times.