Today’s Sparkle Video is truly epic and not because of the star.  While Linda Clifford looks gorgeous in her flowing kimono style dress, fabulous hair and makeup as she’s belting out her classic, “If My Friends Could See Me Now”–  something else is a-brewing.  Yes Soldiers, something else.  Besides all those required elements of dazzle that we love like flashing lights and laser beams, there’s a Disco Spaceman in the background!  Sparklingly mirror-tiled from head-to-toe, he steals the show and at 1:03, he goes for it.  He’s hip-thrusting like a madman behind Linda to the point that she almost disappears, but she doesn’t and I want to scream, “Linda, move out of the way!”  And she knows it too and towards the end, the camera pulls in closer while they dance it out for total screen domination.


Today’s Sparkle Video answers the question, “What planet will you visit once space travel becomes available for civilians?”  Paradisco of course!  You know, the planet where leggy Dalida-like goddesses in glittering catsuits host showstopping parties night and day.  In fact, there is no night and day, just endless swirls of fun and everyone wears metallic gold from head to toe accented by glorious sparkling sequins.  And because this planet’s atmosphere naturally emits a billowing fog, there’s a never ending supply of disco smoke, which means a never ending supply of fabulous!  Who’s coming with?


What a slow start on the day that this “blizzard” has caused, but nothing that could keep me from posting today’s Sparkle Video because of one fabulous word: space.  Yes, this clip had me smitten right from the very beginning with its sparkling space vehicle flanked by two strumming spacemen who are playing a somewhat Spanish sounding song.  That is, until Miss Mistral shows up in her glam-tastic silver space suit and delightful glitter makeup and begins singing about a mystical and dreamy flight on “Starship 109.”  One can truly only hope that this is what space travel is going to be like- smooth sultry, sexy people all flying together into new frontiers.  Sounds a lot like the adventures coming our way in 2014, which reminds me Soldiers… Happy New Year!



Get ready because today’s Sparkle Video is gonna take you there!  And by “there”,  I mean KABLAM!   Witness Rick James and band “Throw Down” in the most dazzling way possible, which is by looking like glamorous spaced-out-sparkle-sluts.   I really can’t say it enough Soldiers, but this is exactly how superstars are supposed to look.  Spandex, metallics, sequins and glitter are all holding court on that stage, including the background singers who are rocking “dancing-school fabulous” accented with cheek contour for days.   It’s true perfection indeed, but then top it off with gobs of billowing smoke and there you have it:  KABLAM!


I vowed to never post a video from YouTube’s Vevo because they can’t be viewed in some areas around the world.  That’s something I find totally unacceptable as our Soldiers are global and intergalactic.  However, one look at this video from Diamond Rings and I melted like glitter covered butter!  How could I resist the charms of this tall, blonde mysterious man who proudly wears space outfits, lives among gobs of smoke, wears glasses tiled with broken mirrors and taunts me with eons of laser beams?  Top top it off, any song called “I’m Just Me” that espouses a “no excuse/no apologies” attitude about being who you are will always become my new favorite instantly.



Every time I see a Boney M video I think to myself, “This one is the video!”, but then I find another one that completely dazzles my mind.  Such is the case with today’s Sparkle Video (once you get past the lengthy introduction from the Italian host) because seriously, this clip is truly THE VIDEOBobby Farrell‘s superhero outfit complete with Boney M sequined cape is out of this world and emphasizes his dance moves in the best way possible.  The three ladies look straight out of Buck Rogers or Flash Gordon with a dash of dancing school fabulous thrown in and have never looked spacier or sexier!.  Now I’m not sure why they chose spaced-out-sparkle outfits and galactic backgrounds to perform “Rapustin”,  but I’m also not caring much because once again, “KABLAM!” has been achieved.


Empress of the Aliens Barbie

Check this out Soldiers:  I go off on vacation to Berlin (another legendary marathon of fun, thanks for asking!) and while I’m away, Empress of the Aliens™ Barbie® makes her gorgeous debut and bloody sells out!  How could she not, in this glamorously galactic outfit made of iridescent metallics and chiffon?   Plus, both arms and legs are “encircled in ornate cuffs” just like a proper Space Princess.  Like Goddess of the Galaxy™ Barbie® , she was designed by Bill Greening, who has truly cinched the nomination for my new fashion hero, especially with his attention to detail by adding a scorpion-esque head dress, sparkle-tastic eye makeup and fabulously sexy shoes.

Top honors also go out because she is shown modeling in front of a Space Background, similar to the one we had at last year’s Join the Sparkle Army party.  Which reminds me Soldiers, the reason I was in Berlin, aside from vacation, was for a “top secret meeting”.  Yes indeed …the planning has begun.



Today’s Sparkle Video is so “off the chain” that I almost.. almost can’t stand it.  In an all-out assault on the senses, Midnight Star takes us through the galaxy to Planet Freak-A-Zoid where it’s King and Queen throw fabulous dance parties for their scantily clad subjects.  I don’t know about you, but watching their half-naked sparkling bodies move through gobs of billowing smoke has an extremely hypnotic effect on me.  By the time the Robot Master commands, “Take me to your dance floor”, one can’t help but obey, but I’m guessing that’s what they were going for.



Never has travel in outer space been as fascinating as in today’s Sparkle Video.  DÖF creates a very unique take on aliens with “Codo”, and while my German is still pretty spotty, it seems to be about a planet with no love and no fun.  Clearly somewhere no one would ever want to go except that they have fabulous outfits.  Even Da General can put up with a little “no fun” if I am able to fly around in a shimmering blue cape ensemble or chiffon-esque princess gown– but then again, that would make it fun!  Also, I must confess that the guy in the plastic bag who’s fashion is so dangerously suicidal makes me a little uneasy.   Can it be that no one ever told him that his bag was not a toy, or is he literally bored to death and no longer cares about living?   Either way Soldiers, make sure to avoid his situation by having maximum fun coated with maximum sparkle at all times.



Today’s Sparkle Video is what’s called “the motherload”.  Let’s face it, The Creatures are a fabulous bunch of Spaced Out Sparkle Sluts that like to sing and dance all over that floor filled with flashing lights, disco smoke and laser beams.  Seriously, have you ever seen so much sequined spandex in your life outside of a Sparkle Army party?  Their message that believing in yourself means looking disco-tastic 24/7 as well as moving your body in a sassy manner whenever you feel like it is a mission I support 100%.  Hey wait…..  that’s our mission!