Sparkle Space Mission

Normally I’d wait until Friday to post a video as sparkling this one- but I just couldn’t!  Not just because of it’s GLITTERING FABULOSITIES, but also because it’s his birthday. Yup- featuring our favorite lovable nutter Monster Ronson as the SPARKLY SPACEMAN, this promo ad for “Join The Sparkle Army” on September 11 will overcome you with Sparkle Madness!

Happy Birthday Ronson.. see you soon!



It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for- the official invite for the next Sparkle Army party at Monster Ronson’s in magical Berlin!

If you have a Spaced Out Sparkle Outfit you’ve been gagging to wear- this would be the time!  Den Haan is coming all the way from Glasgow for an intergalactic LIVE performance along with Lendless from Berlin!   DJ’s Emil Doesn’t Drive and SpaceLex will keep you dancing all night and I’ll be there too- with SPARKLES ON!

September 11, 2010….   see you soon!

Space Porn Sounds Like This

When it comes to music, the Sparkle Army’s motto is: We like both kinds of music- ROCK N’ ROLL and DISCO! Both are driving, hard, sexy genres that cause provocative and “uncensored” behavior and that’s the kind of party we all want to be at!

Today’s featured track is an Italo Disco number that rocks my world! “I’m Not Ready” by Fred Ventura is a sexy combination I call “New Order meets Divine at Human League’s house and then Bobby O shows up for cocktails”.  There’s got to be a porn flick somewhere with this in it- one with SPACE SLUTS in partially SPANDEXED BODIES, writhing to the rhythm while Space Ship Control lights flash all around them.  If not… let’s make one!


Great Moments in Disco Fashion History: Wate-On

This 1978 ad shows a hot sexy couple decked out for a night of Italo in their SPACE SLUTTY BEST and it’s all thanks to Wate-On!  It seems before taking this wonder product they were just “too skinny to have fun” and “it was really a drag”!  It’s hard to think about in 2010, but being “too thin” must have been just horrible back in the party-down 70’s!  Why else would the the scientists at Wate-On have worked so tirelessly to banish this plague of body issues from future generations?  They certainly accomplished their goals with a SPARKLING BRAVO!

For real tho’-  when was the last time you were asked “Do I look too skinny in these pants?”.